Two-year-old Girl Drowns, When She Comes Back To Life She Returns With A Don That She Did Not Have Before

“She came back as if she were a different child,” her mother said.

According to the news broadcast by CNS News, 2-year-old Catalina Acker from Seattle, Washington, slipped falling into a water catch at a neighbor’s house.

The little girl’s family was moving when Natalie Holiday, her mother, left her alone for a minute while she went upstairs for something. “It all happened in an instant,” Natalie explains.

His little brother was his hero

In an interview with KOMO Natalie said that it was her 12-year-old son Ethan who saw his little sister’s body floating in the water. Ethan was also the one who ran to get her out of the water and try to revive her.

Natalie called 911 while a neighbor began cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but despite all efforts, Catalina did not regain consciousness and her pulse could hardly be felt.

Help came and the miracle happened

When the emergency personnel arrived after a while of trying to revive her and with almost no pulse, Catalina opened her eyes and began to cough, returning water. After this miracle, Natalie swears that the girl returned with the gift of speech.

“She is a different girl”

Catalina had developmental problems and limitations, therefore, she could not speak and had some difficulties moving. As reported, Catalina came off the effects of the sedatives much faster than expected and when she woke up she was a talking machine.

“She is clearly speaking the language, the words.” Something was fixed, her face is the same, but she is a different girl, ”said Natalie.

Until that moment, the little girl used her hands to make gestures and speak because she could not say the words.

“Mom” was the first word Catalina spoke after the accident that could have cost her her life.

Although her mother and the doctors do not seem to know or understand what it is that made it possible for Catalina to speak, she says that she does not care, since the most important thing is that she can do it now.

“Nothing worked, nothing worked,” Natalie said, adding that it is “absolutely amazing to hear my daughter call me mom.”

The science why this type of phenomenon occurs

The Popular Science portal reports several cases in which some people went through episodes similar to those of Catalina.

According to the same source, Dr. Darold Treffert, a specialist in Savant Syndrome and a retiree from the Wisconsin University of Medicine, explains that this syndrome is “a fact that occurs in individuals who suffer from some mental impairment, but who demonstrate some remarkable talent ».

In the event that a person suffers a brain trauma, as in the case of Catalina in which their brain was deprived of oxygen for a long period, and that upon waking up they have a new talent or unrecognizable ability, science claims that for what is known as acquired Savant syndrome.

Although the neurological causes of this syndrome are not well known, it is believed that having suffered a brain trauma, the brain finds new ways to reprogram itself and continue to function, causing this type of effect in some privileged people.

For faith

From the point of view of faith, what happened to Catalina is still a miracle.


As parents we must always be aware of our children, especially when they are in places with high traffic, elevated, with water, or that represent any type of danger. Remember that it only takes a few minutes of carelessness for a tragedy to happen.

Most accidents do not have the end of Catalina’s story, and this syndrome is extremely rare with very few documented cases.

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