Trust Your Dreams, Even In Adversity

“When the world says ‘no’ to you, you have two options: turn around and give up, or you can trust your power.” This is the battle cry of Derrick Coleman, power back for the Seattle Seahawks, who has been deaf since he was a child.

These days, when it comes to the Super Bowl, the highest game in American football, you have surely heard more than one acquaintance talk about points, Manning and his records, and so on. But how many people have told you about the human side of this sport? It’s not just about muscles with feet, falling down, they also have “their little heart”, or in the case of the player I’m going to talk about, their heart.

Today I want to talk to you about a guy named Derrick Coleman. He is not the greatest of football players and perhaps not the fastest. Wow, he’s not from my family and for handsome, just me. But it has a story that if it does not inspire you, it may well indicate that in your previous life you were perhaps a stone.

You put the limits

“When the world tells you ‘no’, you have two options: turn around and give up, or you can trust your power.” This is the battle cry of Derrick Coleman, power back for the Seattle Seahawks who has been deaf since he was a child. Coleman was able to pursue anything that “fit” his condition, but he never stopped listening to what his heart dictated. Thus, he did not allow his deafness to prevent him from fulfilling his dream: to play a Super Bowl.

At just 3 years old, Derrick lost his hearing, but his mother never allowed anyone to do less to her son and, in preparation for never giving up, taught him to lip-read. In addition, he raised the money necessary for some special hearing aids, which are Coleman’s everyday life.

The influence of a mother

“My mother always tells me to try extra hard every day. It doesn’t matter if I have hearing aids or not, I had to prove to other people that I was like them, ”Coleman told a program in the United States. She explained that on a scale of 1 to 10, a normal human being hears at 8-9, but on a good day she has a 7 although she almost always only reaches 1 in her hearing level. No, don’t miss me, don’t take out a calculator: you know what this means.

Derrick ran for his dream and thanks to his talent for studying and sports he managed to enter the prestigious University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), there he perfected his technique to read lips and understand the gaze of his companions. Thus, without using deaf-mute language – although he knows the basics – he came to the NFL in 2012.

Coleman immediately got on with Russell Wilson, he knows what signals he sends the instant he sees him in the eye, “they will never see me jumping out of place because I misunderstand a signal, and if it happens it’s because I’m very excited”: he knows how to read them with his little eyes pispiretos, what an open book.

While his companions carry t-shirts, pads and smartphones on the road, Derrick has to pack his hearing aid batteries. An interesting fact about how his team is one with him is that in the game against the New Orleans Saints he ran out of charge on his hearing aid batteries, but he didn’t have to lose his cool: the members of his team took him spare.

Your part as father

The Falcons’ number 40 has become an internet star thanks to a commercial he shot for a battery brand. Derrick is a man who has a special relationship with the loudest fans in sport, because he says that by going out on the field, instead of listening, he feels the emotion of the fans and that motivates him to continue making history. So now you know: this is not only the story of a mother who knew how to encourage her son to never give up, but it also touches you. Let me ask you a question: What could you do to make your children fulfill their dreams?

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