Treasures Of Giving Birth In Times Of Coronavirus

I share with you three beautiful learnings that God has given me by receiving my baby during this pandemic. They will be gifts for you too!

“Stop the world, I want to get off!” Says the well-known Mafalda, a great character from the Argentine Quino in a comic. I really wanted to get off the “world” in this last pregnancy, but there was no way.

With almost eight months of pregnancy, social unrest increased in Mexico due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The imminence of delivery, my life with a new baby and how I would juggle time and my other children, were crushed by the avalanche of tension over the possible quarantine, and the economic, social and work changes due to this health crisis.

My experiences of the end of my pregnancy, delivery and my puerperiumDuring these difficult times they have taught me so much that I wanted to put that wealth into letters and share it with you in these lines; come with me, will you?

Everything will end well

There is a beautiful praise that has comforted me in difficult moments, it goes like this: « Everything will end well, because God is great, because God is good. Everything will end well. I complement it with a phrase that a dear friend of mine always repeats: « Everything will be fine in the end, and if things still go wrong, it’s not the end» . During the last three months, I have seen the full fulfillment of these words. I tell you.

I was terribly afraid of the birth of my son. I had the experience of other deliveries, everything was in order with my health and that of my baby, but even so, I could not sleep. I felt unable to bear the pains and contractions when it was time, I woke up at night feeling my heart beat a thousand per hour, restless and insecure.

I felt adrift, subjected to a thousand external forces over which I had the least control.  Labor could come on at any moment, and I didn’t have the courage, the security, or the financial means to go through that moment. I think many during thelockdown, we have experienced this feeling.

Fortunately, thanks to prayer, I was getting peace little by little. I clearly felt that God was accommodating everything, and when my heart finally felt calm, the time came, and we welcomed my new baby.

It was so beautiful! Today I look back and am impressed by the change : I went from feeling helpless and fearful to experiencing the strength and confidence that everything would work out.

Focusing on others is healing

My newborn turned my world upside down. ” That’s not weird! «You will tell me with reason. And the thing is, these little angels do just that with their families: they completely ignore if it is day, night, if mom or dad are tired, spirited or happy. They express their needs to us, and place themselves in our arms.

The magic of babies is the absolute trust and abandon they have in their caregivers.

We adults are suffocated with the earrings that chase us, and babies force us, they give us a break. But we have a hard time accepting your gift. It seems that instead of giving something, they take away from us. They prevent us from sleeping continuously, they make us pay attention to her diaper, and with everything and that, they have us absolutely in love! true?

It is that their gift is to allow us to grow thanks to them. They allow us to donate. They insert a spring into our soul that makes us stop at the slightest noise they emit. Our heart leaves our body and we cannot turn a deaf ear to the need that our baby expresses, or we intuit.

That was the first gift from my little angel. I felt him saying to me: « Mom, forget everything, enjoy me. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, let’s hug, let’s love each other! «. So much love poured out helped me to focus on now, thus achieving the peace of knowing me the best satisfier of their needs with my presence, milk and company.

How are you doing with that? What is weighing you down these days? Wallowing in worries, insecurities, fears will only hurt you. If you have your family, your parents, your children with you, and they need you and distract you from them, thank them! Dedicate yourself more to them and less to yourself, less to torment yourself and more to donate yourself. You will be filling your soul with the joy of making others happy, and that will give you the strength you need to face the real world that worries you so much.

Every day we are different and we have millions of opportunities

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (today Selçuk, Turkey), said that we cannot bathe twice in the same river, because the second time, neither the river nor you will be the same. The problem is that – living so fast – we think so.

The river of days and hours carries us away, and we come to think that the time we have has no end. In the morning, the afternoon will come, and in the afternoon, the night. My baby, with her urgent demands that do not depend on day or night, invites me to rethink the rhythm to which I was accustomed, and to value the beauty of her sighs and her restful sleep at two in the afternoon and at five in the

Looking at her photos on my cell phone, I see that she has grown a lot after almost two months. It is not the same red and curled up baby, now it surprises me with its gray and restless eyes. I feel like his life is running out of me, and we’ve been together for 60 days! In it I understand with my soul the statement that I placed above: even if you have to live another 20 or more days in quarantine, none of them have to be the same! Each one is a beautiful opportunity to be more and better.

The force of nature is overwhelming. Before her, we can only bow and wonder.

The power of a volcano, the force of the sea waves and the freshness of the wind, advance regardless of the day or the hour in which they must meet the men and their “agendas.” The treasure of my baby’s life has come as a gift from nature to fill me with hope, because I understand that life continues its course, that God continues to pour out his blessings, continues to give us beautiful teachings.

In a proud world, phenomena like this global epidemic remind us of the fragility of human life and the value of hope. Renew your hope with me, and let us be thankful for so many babies who have seen the light, because God still trusts that we will know how to build a better world for them.

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