To Be Respected, You Must First Know How To Make Yourself Respected

Dissatisfied about how people treat you? Find out where the parameters of respect that others should have for you come from. Demand that they respect you part of the fact that you know how to make yourself respected.

If a person has complications in their romantic relationships or is a continuous victim of disrespect on the part of those around them, they should question why it happens so often. Moreover, I dare to say that it is important that you question the reason why it happens to you, since if you become aware of the root of your conflicts in your interpersonal relationships, you can avoid being mistreated and even move away from your life to those who abuse it.

First, and foremost, let me tell you that as an individual you are fully responsible for what happens to you in every area of ​​your life; Besides that, it is you who allows them to treat you in this or that way; yes, as you have read. This being the case of interpersonal relationships, when someone treats you badly, you can –and you should– choose between making them respect you or stand quietly and without defending the bad manners of the abuser.

So I propose some guidelines that you can use to make people respect and value you for the person you are:

Recognize your worth

It does not matter your past, your profession or economic level, as a human being you are worth a lot. Become aware that in your hands is the power to change your life and collaborate for the positive change of the people around you. Being aware of the power that you have in your hands to modify your environment and your loved ones is the first step to assert yourself and respect.

Stop disrespect in time

It is as easy as how soon the abuse begins, you do not allow it; Without aggression or hurtful words, simply speaking clearly and setting limits from the very beginning, you will be telling your aggressor that you deserve respect.

Warn your abuser about the consequences of his abuse

Some aggressors believe that under the influence of violence you will not be able to ask for help, since if they have mistreated you once and you have not set a defense precedent, they tend to assume that you will continue to allow aggression; Therefore, it is important that you read the second point again and put an end to the situation before it becomes difficult.

COMPLAINT! Turn to your family or close friends, and even flee if the situation becomes older; but do not enter a defenseless state, do not curl up. Keep in mind that you can also defend yourself physically, but that can be a double-edged sword and before you lift a bat to hit your aggressor, I recommend you think that it is not worth putting yourself at the level of someone so low that resorts to physical or verbal violence to gain respect or make themselves felt.

Recognize people and do not put yourself within reach of potential aggressors

Although not all people yell, insult or hit, many more often swear at you indirectly (this is aggressive-passive) or talk about you behind your back, criticize you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and in the event that you deserve it, they don’t have to, don’t allow it.

Always remember that no one can hurt or disrespect you unless you allow it; never forget that the respect they give you depends on the place you give yourself. As long as you keep these parameters of coexistence in mind, you will get closer each day to better people and you will remove toxic people from your life who only want to harm you.

Never forget that you are also an example for your children, your family and your friends, without realizing it you are always influencing those around you.

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