Tired Of Her Son’s Disobedience, This Mother Teaches Him An Unparalleled Lesson That Shocked Thousands

This mother gave her son a drastic lesson to learn at once; you will never forget it.

Many mothers have to deal with the bad behavior and rebellion of their adolescent children on a daily basis.

For many it is difficult to understand how or why those docile, kind and gentle children who were their children for about 11 or 12 years have now become boys who do not allow them to be told to clean their rooms before going home of his friend, because they get into a rage and create a drama, the reaction of some is drastic while others are disarmed and without knowing the best way to act in such a situation.

A story to learn

Such was the case of Heidi Johnson, a story that the portal collects because it did not happen. One day she discovered that her 13-year-old son was telling lies, that’s when she told herself that she could not allow that behavior to take hold and put her hands on action.

Aaron is the name of Heidi’s son, recently he had started uploading videos to the youtube platform and therefore was receiving money for his hobby.

That is how one day she asked Aaron if he had done his homework and he without hesitation said that yes, Heidi knew that this was not true and rebuked him for that, the boy’s response was something like: «I have more important things to do.

Of course things were not going to stay that way and she decided to give her son an exemplary punishment. He wrote him a letter ( original by clicking here ) where he explained that as he already felt like an adult because he earned his own money, he had to pay for all the comforts that she was providing him.

So the matter the price list was as follows:

Rent: $430

Electricity: $116

Internet: $21

Food: $150

He also added a series of responsibilities that he had to fulfill such as:

  • Vote trash and vacuum.

  • Clean your bathroom every week

  • Prepare your own food and clean the kitchen when you are done, the warning said that if you don’t do those things you should pay extra money for those services.

And I end by offering him a change of attitude in this way: “If you decide that you prefer to be my son again, instead of my tenant, we can discuss the terms again.”

But Heidi did not stop there, she took a photo of the letter to her son and uploaded it to social networks that did not leave her followers quiet, who began to give conflicting opinions. In the face of opinions that accused her of being exaggerated, she had a very appropriate response.

“I am not a dictator or abuser who tries to control her son. I’m just a mother who has every right in the world to set rules and set consequences for her actions.

Her ultimatum worked for Heidi, the result was that together with her son they reached a series of agreements of duties and responsibilities and now everything is going well.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the Psychology and Mind page offers some tips that seek to help parents in problems with teenage children:

1Don’t think your child will make the same mistakes

You may be wrong, but they will be mistakes that help you mature and grow. Protect the child to the point that you saturate him with your own experiences, the only thing he will do is harass him.

You must learn that many people do not learn from other people’s experiences, for them it is necessary to fall and get up, what as a parent you must do is support him, listen to him, advise him and try to correct his path in time.

2Don’t compare

It is one of the most common mistakes. No matter how siblings, one young person is different from another and their experiences, attitudes, skills, and actions will be very different. Respect it and let it unfold.

Let him be a social person

If from a young age you taught him how to behave in front of friends and family, there is no reason to fear bad behavior. If there is, call him apart, talk to him and never make a fool of him in front of others, that would not be easy for you to forgive.

4Don’t push him to “make your dreams come true”

You had your chances to reach your goals, so let your kids make their own way. Your duty is to offer her the opportunities that you did not have, perhaps due to lack of money, and let her fulfill her own goals. Of course, try not to grab your wallet, you must know how to be sure of what you want, set limits.

5 Make sure you communicate clearly and directly

As much as he does not like it, he will have to listen to you and you must make yourself heard. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of making an ultimatum, like what Heidi did.

There are moments of acting and others of being a spectator and you must learn to distinguish one from the other. Your child must be clear that this is his role and yours is to be a father, set rules and enforce them if there will be no consequences.

Don’t be afraid of being drastic or what they will say, you want your children to become good people and sometimes that requires a strong hand and love.

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