Tips For Parents Of Children With Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd)

Has your child been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Here are some tips to help you face school in a better way.

Since the school year began, Susana has been struggling to make sure her son Beltrán remembers to bring all his belongings home. However, she has already lost hope of one day recovering the hats, scarves, pencils, jackets, notebooks and books that for some unknown reason Beltrán leaves forgotten by the whole school.

As if that were not enough, every day he receives complaints from the teachers, because apparently his son does not measure risks and has begun to climb trees, jump from stairs and cross the other children without looking if there is a risk of some accident.

The grades go from bad to worse and his head teacher has told him that Beltrán’s level of attention is very low, so it costs a lot to integrate him into the school group, because he seems to live in a parallel world, where he annoys his fellow bank (desk), stopping when it is not appropriate and not taking notes are the tonic of the day.

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The outlook is, without a doubt, bleak. What to do? Where to turn? Susana has begun to consider the issue over and over again, until she decided to contact the school’s guidance department, where they have indicated that the only solution for this is to carry out an evaluation with different professionals to detect some type of disorder. Logically, Susana has accepted without hesitation.

After several weeks and after consulting with differential educators, psychopedagogues, neurologists, psychologists and many other professionals, it has been concluded that Beltrán suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Susana has been stunned. How could I help you? What guidance do you need to develop better? Contrary to what she believes, the necessary changes so that Beltrán can better integrate into his group, they are minor and little by little they will begin to show that wonderful child that many have been commissioned to fill with labels (problem child, distracted , annoying and many others) to make its virtues almost invisible.

1. Use of agenda

Planning the actions that the child will perform on a daily basis is essential, as it shows him how to plan his day, how much time he has to carry out certain actions and shows him a safe scenario in which to function.

Since Beltrán has not yet begun to read, the agenda must be graphic. In other words, with different drawings, colored by himself, that allow him to anticipate what is to come.

2. Limit TV and other screen time

Among the necessary changes is to start saying goodbye to television, especially before sleeping. This is suggested so that the brain gradually manages to disconnect to enter a restful sleep.

3. Clear boundaries

Orders must be given clearly, in a firm voice and without hesitation. Not for this reason, Susana will stop being a loving mother, but will give way to a figure of authority and security for Beltrán.

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4. Approach to physical activity

It is necessary to start channeling hyperactivity in a positive way, for this it is necessary to bring Beltrán closer to a sport that is of interest to him, however the neurologist has recommended taekwondo and yoga. The former strengthens self-control and concentration, while Yoga allows you to “slow down” and enter a state of greater concentration.

5. Support with specialists

Once a week they should visit a differential educator who can guide them, for a short period, with study and concentration techniques.

The path has just begun for Susana, however, Beltrán has suffered a kind of liberation, finally his environment begins to understand the reason for his actions, leaving behind the prejudices and customary tensions. The labels have begun to disappear, to give way to see the endless qualities and virtues with which Beltrán can contribute to the world.

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