Tips For Being An Exemplary Single Mother

A single mother faces a lot of adversity, it does not mean that she is alone, this article contains tips to be able to face motherhood and become an exemplary mother, from my own experience because my mother made it possible, supported by the gospel.

There are many families that consist of a mother and children, and many times it is not important to think about the reasons why at a certain moment in life a family is divided and seems to be incomplete, but one must move on, it is not something encouraging but it is reality in many places. The truth is that for a single father or mother, raising children is a very difficult task, although this is not the time to look for excuses, but solutions.

My mother and I were our family, and I remember very well when one day in front of the church congregation she said: “If it weren’t for the gospel, I would not have known how to raise my daughter.” Instantly my mind searched for memories and it was completely true, she was a single mother but she was not alone, she always looked for the support of Jesus Christ and the gospel. Thinking about it, let me share with you some tips that will surely help you, if you are a single mother.

Tips for raising a child alone

Speaking with my mother, I received some advice on how to raise a child despite not having the support of a husband, and although it is not my case, I believe that these tips to raise children in light of faith and the gospel , can be very useful for any other mother or father:

In childhood

, form the limits. I remember very well that my mother taught me five important things that I still remember:

  • Choose my friends well: She always said, Light comes to light.

  • Honor my mother, wherever she is, behave in the best way, to show the good education that she gave me. Especially show reverence in the Church and always obey her.

  • In each decision think, What would Christ do in my place?

  • Do not let the absence of a father be the excuse for bad behavior, therefore the father or mother must always act with authority.

  • Always be grateful.

In adolescence

, not apologize after age: She said that “adolescence” was something that society had invented, it would not have to happen to me, in such a way that there were no reasons why I would have to rebel. Do not excuse bad behavior by saying it is for adolescence.

  • Show children the value of money and the need for effort and sacrifice to achieve their goals.

  • A single mother must provide for her family as well. So despite the fatigue after the work day, it is necessary to give time to the children and have energy for them.

In adulthood

, trust the education that was imparted to you. After training the children with a good foundation, the best thing a parent can do is support, be a friend and an accomplice. My mother was that to me and much more.

I must say that I cannot imagine a better way of life than what my mother could offer me and I am eternally grateful to her, the love, strength, education and support that she gave me, made me who I am today. I never saw the sadness on her face, but I know that she shed many tears in her loneliness, but she was always a grateful and happy woman.

You are not alone

If you are facing the situation, do not feel alone, seek support in God, in your faith, in your children and in the love you have for them; do not give up, be strong and strengthen your family, you will receive the comfort you need.

If you know a mother or father who is going through this situation, you can share this information to help them know how to keep their family together and look forward with hope.

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