Three Tips To Face Life’s Adversity

Sometimes the adversities we face make us feel discouraged. However, it is possible to always remain optimistic. You also can! Do you want to know how?

One day in the summer of 2013, I found myself turning over a family situation with no apparent solution in my mind. She was grumpy and exhausted: unwilling to continue fighting the current. So I decided to connect to the Internet to amuse myself for a while and then, by chance, I found a video of a girl that I found very nice; As she talked about makeup, I could feel her person projecting a peace and joy that I wanted to feel in those moments, so one after another I watched several of her videos.

It was not difficult to notice that her head had no hair, which in these times is considered something exotic or out of the ordinary, and she did not seem to mind, in addition, her followers left very kind comments expressing their admiration for her and her talent in the world of Fashion. All of this led me to research her story, after which I was very surprised.

Her name is Talía Joy Castellano, since she was 6 years old she suffered from a type of cancer called neuroblastoma, which led her to spend long periods of time in hospital, as well as repeatedly undergo chemotherapies and other treatments. Since she was little, she was interested in the world of makeup and one day she decided to do tutorials on YouTube as her way of sharing her talent with the world and at the same time distracting herself from her illness. Thanks to her positive personality, she gained a large following and continues to do so, following her death in July 2013.

Many are the times that people feel overwhelmed by problems or situations that life puts us to the test. We cannot sleep, eat or enjoy family moments because we try to find a solution to the family finances, the health or the behavior of the family. In this way we invest more time and effort in worrying, than in dealing with what is happening, which leads us to lower our spirits even more when we experience these situations. Reflecting repeatedly on the story of Talía I have found three tips to overcome difficulties, which I now share with you:

1. Lose your fear

Cancer is a disease that requires many medical treatments that can be painful. Talía had to lose her fear of death, of medicines, of ridicule from people for losing her hair, among other things. If we stop limiting ourselves by fear of what will come or what they will say, we can be free and be at peace. Trusting in something or someone gives us the strength to face fear, it can be in God, family or science. Holding onto something gives us hope for a better future, which helps us to give our daily life purpose.

2. Share your talents

Talía did not go to university, so she could not serve as a teacher or as a doctor, but she did it from home, sharing her talent with makeup. In this way she helped and inspired many people while she stopped worrying about her illness. We all have talents that can serve others: simply listening, giving advice, cleaning or supporting with studies, can make a difference in the lives of others. If we share what we know how to do well in order to help others, we will see our problems from another perspective, in addition to feeling useful and fulfilled.

3. Accept yourself as you are

Talía said: “The makeup is my wig” and accepted that, due to her treatment, it was difficult for her to maintain long hair as she would have liked, so she turned the problem around by concentrating on her makeup. We all have our own beauty. Knowing that we are human beings with strengths and weaknesses will help us to be happier, stopping comparing ourselves with beauty icons or with people who we think have no problems, because we don’t really know what they are like in real life.

I believe that by following these tips we can overcome difficulties that arise more easily, being able to be at peace with ourselves and our families, whatever the circumstances. Let us remember that no matter how dark the path we are following may appear, we can always find a ray of light that will help us to move on, even when the problem we face has no solution. Let’s lose fear, share our talents and accept ourselves as we are to make our life a wonderful experience.


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