This Type Of Contraceptive Brought Several Women To The Brink Of Suicide And Is Still On Sale (what You Need To Know And What To Avoid)

If you feel these symptoms, and you are using it, you should go to your doctor.

Women today have multiple options when it comes to birth control. There are many methods, but there is one in particular that has set off the alarm of experts in recent years, after various complaints from those who used it who admitted serious health problems after its use.

The Essure is an intrauterine implant that is intended to prevent conception. According to Mail Online, it is still for sale in the United States despite the fact that the company that manufactures it, Bayer, withdrew it from the European market and almost all over the world. According to the same source, several women were affected and one was on the verge of suicide, due to the great emotional and physical damage that this implant caused in her uterus.

A controversial contraceptive method

Many women who do not want to get pregnant again – and are very sure of it – undergo a tubal ligation many times. But when this device appeared on the market a few years ago that promised definitive contraception without surgery, many women turned to gynecological offices in search of information. And many, this implant was placed.

The essure is a permanent sterilization device that many women use today around the world. However, in recent years, complaints have been increasing as users reported that this device caused them great pain that never stopped, uterine bleeding, and a woman had to undergo a hysterectomy to remove the device and thus stop the incessant pain .

According to Mail Online, one of the plaintiffs is Laura Linkson who denounced that in 2013 she was wearing the contraceptive device and that she suffered from severe pain after it was placed. The pain was so great that she couldn’t move and left her on the verge of suicide, as she felt like a heavy burden on her family. Another victim, Victoria Dethier, who was implanted with Essure in 2012, suffered pain for three years before undergoing a hysterectomy to remove the device in 2015.

What is essure

According to the BBC site, the essure intrafallopian device is a definitive contraception method that consists of implanting a small titanium device in the shape of a tube with spirals in the woman’s fallopian tubes. It is not hormonal and that is why many women choose it because it does not cause the side effect of hormones.

The procedure for placement is done in hospitals or clinics with a duration of about 10 or 15 minutes. Contraception occurs because the body forms scar tissue around these coils, which works as a natural barrier to prevent sperm from reaching the egg.

Can it be withdrawn if I want to get pregnant?

What is controversial about the method is that this tissue that forms around the device means that surgery under local or total anesthesia is required to remove it. In many cases, this surgery carries the risk of losing the fallopian tubes or the uterus as a whole. Therefore, a woman cannot get pregnant again after using Essure.

Essure side effects

According to Mail Online, many women who used the device reported having serious problems after placement, such as severe pain, bleeding, colic and general malaise.

The side effects reported after the placement of this implant are:

  • vaginal bleeding

  • abdominal discomfort

  • cramps

  • fallopian tube perforation

  • perforation of neighboring organs

  • allergy to implant components (nickel and polyester)

  • back and pelvic pain

  • painful intercourse

A study warned about serious risks

According to the BBC and according to research by the British Medical Journal, women who had the implant showed 10 times more risk of needing a surgical operation than those who had undergone conventional sterilization.

However, the Bayer company continues to advertise that they have evidence of the safety and efficacy of Essure in contraception.

There are other less invasive methods

When I recently went to learn about the various contraceptive methods from my gynecologist, I was amazed to learn that there was much more on the market than I imagined. The professional told me about essure but did not recommend it. Then she gave me information about all the methods I could use.

  1. Condom

  2. Female condom

  3. Oral contraceptives (pill)

  4. Morning-after pill (emergency method only)

  5. Vaginal ring

  6. Transdermal patch

  7. Injectable progestogens

  8. Diaphragm

  9. Diu

  10. Spermicides

  11. Sponges

  12. Calendar (natural method)

  13. Basal temperature

  14. Billings method

  15. Subdermic implant

Think wisely

Birth control is serious business. Do not use any method that is counterproductive to your health. And always stay informed of the advantages and disadvantages. What do you think of the essure, would you use it?

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