This Three Kings Day Give With Your Head, Not Just Your Heart

The Magi gave Jesus, gold, incense and myrrh, all objects that symbolized his destiny on earth, as they do, you have in your hands the opportunity to give your children gifts that serve them and mark their childhood in a positive way.

As every year for hundreds, the festivity of the Magi is present, a tradition that has its origin in the birth of Jesus and in the belief that at the moment of his arrival in the world three kings appeared before him to pay tribute to him. magicians, giving him gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The event gives rise to one of the most beloved traditions of adults and children in the world, the arrival of the Holy Kings, a custom that has managed to survive centuries and prevail to this day with its traditional rosca and gifts for the little ones. of the house, emulating the original story with the latter.

This is one reason why children look forward to this day in the hope that the gift of their dreams will be brought to them from the very hand of the Magi, capable of making their wishes come true, and parents do even what impossible to live up to the expectations of its offspring.

However, and although it goes without saying that all the gifts given to the little ones that day are given with the deepest love, a love so great that it is for this reason that parents spend even what they do not have in their desire to make people notice to their children how much they are loved. It is important that they also give gifts using their heads, because although giving pleasure to children’s illusions is important, it is more important to encourage responsibility, imagination, and coexistence in them.

What to do then?

Before giving gifts we must think carefully if it is the best for our little ones,

even if it’s the best for ourselves. For example, if our little ones want a pet, it is important to consider whether as a family we have the space, resources, time, and responsibility to take care of that living being together that will become an active part of our family and the community. family dynamics.

Or if the object of desire is an Ipad, Xbox or a cell phone, you should think about whether it is fair that you, mom or dad, who barely manage to pay the bills, go into debt to satisfy a craving that in the long run can be counterproductive, because on many occasions these devices are the door through which our children move away from their school obligations and / or family life.

Does your daughter already know that you are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar?

All the more reason for you to make use of that knowledge and if you still decide to give it as a gift, it is important that the gift is something that you really need or that it helps the development, growth or integration of your offspring. Encouraging cravings without an awareness of the effort and interest that you as a parent are putting in their happiness, in their joys, will make the gift less relevant and it will just be one more object.

Give educational toys,

Your little one is growing up, make sure that the toys encourage their imagination, their language, their motor skills, do not give things that limit their intellect or interaction. Also make them work both for the child to learn and have fun alone, and to learn and have fun together, as a family.

Change their wish list without looking like you don’t want to give them their gift

Little ones love toys, but what they love the most is spending time and having the attention of their loved ones, so it is a matter of time and motivating them in the right way to orient their tastes more in the sense of family games and not the so currently famous electronic toys that in most of the times they enslave them to armchair hours without more movement than that of the index finger and thumb.

It is not about giving him something that he does not want, but about making him want what he is given

For example, when you are writing the letter to the Magi, do not leave them alone, do it together, talk about the reason for each desired toy, and ask as a favor to you to choose games that you can play together, you will be surprised at what you are capable of. to do their little ones in order to spend time with daddy and mommy.

Before accepting that he asks for “that” gift, make him commit

You will say yes, but only if he or she accepts that they will respect the times and moments to use it and will not neglect their obligations, if possible put it in writing.

At the end…

It is not about embittering the holiday, or taking away the illusion of receiving that game that they long for, but there are already many celebrations that have become simple merchandise, the perfect excuse to spend beyond our possibilities, and the worst thing is that in things that we do not need, or that at least are not essential in our lives and that are generally ephemeral.

We end up complaining about the new generations and their little value for effort, for long-term goals, but we must be self-critical and admit that these new generations have been educated by older generations who in the desire that “my son has what I don’t I had ” we have confused giving love with giving objects.

Regardless of the creeds of each person, the truth is that the message that lives in this beautiful celebration deals with the gifts of life that are given to us at birth, and that it is our responsibility to capitalize on them.

We are all born with a destiny, we carry on our back some gold, frankincense and myrrh, but to make the best use of them our head and heart have to be a team and that applies to making decisions, educating a child or simply choosing a gift, does not love more who more consents, but who is willing to do the right thing, even if the right thing is not what dresses him in glory.

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