This Teacher Is Doing Something With Her Students That Gives Parents The Creeps And Promotes The Spread Of Viruses And Bacteria

Parents are outraged.

Behind an educated child there are educated and respectful parents. But what happens when learning values ​​and good manners is done “by force.” It happens what happened in this school in England, where parents shouted to heaven at the new directives at the beginning of classes.

According to The Sun, parents of students at Posh Tunbridge Wells Primary School in England are somewhat annoyed with the school’s principal, Amanda Simpson, for imposing a new practice on the institution to teach good manners: Students should smile and shake hands with their teachers when they enter the classroom.

A practice in sight

While shaking hands with their teachers teaches children about good habits and manners, the parents’ concern is understandable, as the new policy introduced means that teachers could be shaking around 150 hands at a time. day, raising fears about the spread of germs.

Many teachers brought some type of disinfectant, such as alcohol gel, to class to prevent the spread of viruses, being in contact with so many hands during the day.

The Director’s argument

For Amanda Simpson, the measure has to do with a way of educating school students in values ​​and good manners. According to Simpson, shaking hands to meet each class makes students feel “welcome and appreciated” and that he had already included this greeting policy at a previous school and there was no increase in the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The woman alleged, according to the British newspaper Express : “Although we keep the school as clean as possible, students will inevitably touch the handrails, door handles and other items that other children have previously touched during the day, so focusing on contact through a simple handshake is strange. In either case, hand sanitizers will be available throughout the school for anyone who has concerns about infection.

Although the fact of shaking hands and making this traditional greeting that teaches good practices of social behavior to children and adolescents, the truth is that parents disagree and now the school is at the center of all the news.

A handshake that can be harmful

The parents of this English school are not so wrong. And it is not that they disagree that their children are “well educated”, but rather they are based on the opinion of experts who affirm that the handshake can transmit a large number of viruses and bacteria, and with them diseases.

According to Mail Online, and according to a study carried out in 2014, a firm handshake is the least hygienic greeting, since it involves the transfer of 124 million live bacteria on average. That is why hospitals in the United States and Great Britain are encouraging the population to greet each other through the clash of the fists and not with a handshake.

Dr Dave Whitworth from the University of Aberystwyth was the one who conducted the study that tests the large number of bacteria that are transmitted in a handshake and remarked: “We tested the idea that different contact greetings could allow different numbers of bacteria move between people and we found that a long, firm handshake allowed the most transfer of bacteria of any other wave we tested. ”The least bacteria spread was fist bumping, so doctors are encouraging that kind of greetings in all hospitals and social settings.

Prevention is the key

News like these leaves everyone a little paranoid. It is not now a question of stopping greeting people or avoiding being around or not having any contact. In fact, according to specialists, the problem is not the handshake, but who performs it. That is, if we all maintain hygiene habits, both personal and in our home and workplaces, the risk of contracting and transmitting diseases decreases significantly.

The United States Center for Disease Control suggests a series of tips to prevent disease through hygiene habits:

Wash your hands frequently

that is, before and after each meal, and after being in contact with waste products, or handling raw food, or being in contact with animals, or when in contact with any wound, etc. Apply plenty of soap in a lot of lather and rub your hands for 20 seconds (that’s the time it takes to wash germs off your hands). Where possible, dry with disposable paper towels.

Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly

Whether at home or in the workplace. The bathroom and kitchen must always be completely clean.

Handle food safely

This is keeping raw food separate from vegetables, cleaning food contact surfaces frequently, cooking food to the proper temperature, and refrigerating food before it spoils.

Get vaccinated

Another way to avoid the spread of disease is to follow the national vaccination schedule in force in your country. It is the best way to save lives and prevent disease.

I always carry my bottle of alcohol gel in my bag, and I make sure to always keep my hands bacteria free when I can’t or can’t find a place to wash my hands quickly. And you, what hygiene measures do you implement in your family to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria?

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