This Photograph Has Made Hundreds Of People Cry In The World, Surely You Too

This photograph is the reason why hundreds of people have cried. Do not stop seeing it

Thanks to technology, today we have the privilege of being able to connect in just an instant with people from anywhere in the world. This allows us to make distances seem shorter to us, conversations to be more fluid and instantaneous, and it also gives us the possibility of “hitting ourselves hard”, since we tend to witness realities that can be very opposite to what we are used to seeing. daily.

This is the case of the photo shared by a Filipino teacher, in it you can see a child of no more than 7 years, sitting at his desk writing, while with his other hand he holds his little brother, who should not exceed the year of age.

Undoubtedly, the image perplexes those who see it, but it impacts more when the statements that the teacher gave to KCMP NEWS are read:

I don’t want to be absent, ma’am. I’ll bring my one-year-old brother because my grandmother has to work on the farm and no one can stay to take care of him, ”was the phrase Justin used to tell me what was happening.

And it is that at his young age, this little boy knows that the only way to break the vicious cycle of poverty is by studying. Well, there is no magic formula that will create the sustenance that is needed to support a family with all its basic needs covered. And to achieve his goals, Justin is willing to do anything.

Without a doubt, this story shows us that even in the worst moments of our lives, if we have the courage, disposition, temperance and desire to move forward, there will be no major impediments to reaching the goal we have set.

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Posted by KCMP News on  Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So the next time you feel like you don’t have the strength to carry on with the different responsibilities you have to face, think of Justin, who surely walks several miles a day, with a little brother, who probably hasn’t walked yet, in order to get ahead.

And since we know that there are hundreds of thousands of Justin around the world, we want to tell you that there are various platforms to help children in situations of poverty or social vulnerability to get ahead, some of them are:

World Vision International

It is present in more than 100 countries and its efforts are based on protecting the childhood of children who are suffering from the economic precariousness of their family. In his options of help is the sponsorship of children in different parts of the world.

Children International

It is a non-profit organization that seeks to help both low-income children and youth through different programs, centers and solidarity teams.

Through this organization you can make different donations that go directly to help children who live the same situation as Justin.

SOS Children’s Villages

It is a non-profit organization present in more than 133 countries and whose work is based on the creation of support programs for children who are in a state of poverty.

To collaborate with their cause, it is enough to become a member and donate a certain amount of money on a monthly basis or it can be done sporadically.

The important thing is that together we fight to change the reality of the hundreds of Justin’s who today cry out for help in order to break the cycle of poverty and social vulnerability. Let’s not let this photograph continue to be replicated, let’s look together for options so that future generations will not have to take their little brother to class, in order to get ahead.

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