This Is What You Should Eat To Take Care Of Your Health (and Your Figure) According To Your Zodiac Sign

Find out what does not make you string and keeps you healthy according to your sign (not all of us ARE the same)

When the typical rest or vacation seasons come around, such as summer or winter, people often travel or meet with family members they have not seen for a long time and want to look good and healthy.

That, in most cases, is the reason why many desperately seek to begin a diet that not only allows them to maintain their health, but also helps them lose weight, sometimes with disastrous results.

It is not good to wait for these types of events, the ideal is to take care of yourself throughout the year to look and feel healthy and comfortable with yourself.

That is why the Astrocenter, better with health and huffingtonpost pages explain in detail sign by sign the foods that are most convenient for losing weight and maintaining good health according to the sign of each person.

Suitable foods for Aries

You can consume carbohydrates but with control and taking care of the amounts you eat daily.

As your body tends to retain fluids, it is recommended that you consume diuretic fruits (oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, mostly citrus) either in juices or in their natural presentation.

It also includes properly sanitized raw vegetables such as lettuce and tomato as they will provide you with the nutrients you require.

Also include chicken, rice, carrots, garlic, leek, and low-fat yogurt in your diet.

Suitable foods for Taurus

Due to your good eating, you tend to be overweight and that is why you will have gastrointestinal problems, but with a good diet everything is solved.

You should eat cereals and whole grain products such as brown rice in addition to vegetables that will give you nutritional balance.

Include lean meats, nuts, avoid legumes, eggs and avoid fats and sweets. You can also eat strawberries and pineapple in juice or fruit, you choose.

Suitable foods for Geminis

You must take care of your lungs, because of that your diet must be rich in foods that provide iron, calcium and vitamin C.

You should also eat chicken, hake, peas, peppers with which you can make salads.

Also eat peaches, grapefruits, and fresh cheese, but avoid coffee, tea, and soda pop.

Chicken, hake, peas, bell pepper, peaches, grapefruit and cheese.

Suitable foods for Cancer

As you are a person who usually suffers from anxiety attacks, nerves, digestive problems and fluid retention, it is recommended that you consume fresh vegetables, lots of fruit such as mangoes, bananas, oranges and legumes I owe their great vitamin and mineral contribution (E , H and K and iodine).

You should also consider eating dairy products and (aromatic) chamomile and lemon infusions, but you should avoid flours and spicy foods.

Suitable foods for Leo

Although meat is your favorite dish, it is most recommended for you to reduce it and include asparagus, artichoke, cucumbers, leek, garlic, mango, cheeses and lean meats in your diet as they are the foods that will help you maintain the health of your heart and under control everything that has to do with the issue of high cholesterol.

You should avoid coffee, alcohol and of course butter.

Suitable foods for Virgo

Your delicate part is the digestive system, so like Leo, it is advisable to lower the beef a little.

You should try a breakfast rich in fiber and fruit as it will provide you with energy, and eating potatoes, cooked legumes, carrots, eggs and fish are also good for you. Avoid red meat and coffee.

Suitable foods for Libra

Because the most delicate part of the body of people born under the sign of Libra are the kidneys, it is necessary that they drink a lot of water, aromatic chamomile, lemon balm or linden to cleanse the kidneys of toxic substances.

White meat, spinach, rice, lettuce, strawberries and whole grains are also good for you, and even bread you will like very well, but always with caution.

Suitable foods for Scorpios

Given that the reproductive system is the one that you must take care of the most, it is only fair that the way you eat is according to the care you should have. That is why it is essential that you have order at mealtime.

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Your diet should be rich in fruits, legumes, vegetables, meat, shrimp. It is important that you avoid fast foods, spicy foods, and very salty foods.

Suitable foods for Sagittarius

You like to eat a lot of fat, a substance that goes to your hips and thighs, so you should avoid it at all costs.

You should consume your foods steamed, they can be white and red meats, eggs, fruits such as pears and raspberries, vegetables and whole foods.

Suitable foods for Capricorn

Since your weakness is your teeth and bones, the foods you should eat should be rich in calcium, so you should eat dairy, gelatin, vegetables, shrimp, red meat, blueberries and nuts.

Suitable foods for Aquarium

You must take care of your circulatory system and pancreas to avoid suffering from gout and diabetes.

Therefore, you should nourish yourself with white meats, dairy, cereals, foods rich in fiber, vegetables (raw or cooked), rice, tomatoes, carrots and pineapples.

Avoid sugar, precooked, and carbonated drinks.

Suitable foods for Pisces

You like very spicy food and liquor, but it would be best if you got down to those two aspects from here on. Eat nutrient-dense but light breakfasts and dinners (lunches).

Consume dairy, vegetables, fruits, seafood, rice, leeks, peas, strawberries, and cheese, not forgetting to drink plenty of water to help your urinary system.

Remember that these are just some tips, but if you want to have more and better information, a nutritionist can give you an appropriate regimen for your health.

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