This Is What Happens To A Man When He Marries An Intelligent Woman

They say men are afraid of smart women.

They say that behind a good man there is a great woman. I like to vary the phrase a bit and say “next to a good man, there is a great woman.” Those men who choose strong and intelligent partners, and choose to walk with her by their side, have great benefits in life, according to experts.

According to Lawrence Whalley, a researcher and professor at the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Life Sciences, men who marry an intelligent woman are more likely to lengthen their life.

Intelligence as a companion

Of course, an intelligent woman is attractive. If we add to that the fact that it is an incentive to keep men’s mental health at bay, they will be delighted to have a ready woman by their side.

The researchindicate that men’s lives are lengthened when they spend their lives next to a smart and intelligent woman. According to Whalley, there is a long list of things we can do to keep our mental health safe, but one of the most important is to have an intelligent person with whom we can have a stimulating conversation.

Avoid dementia next to a bright person

Marrying an intelligent woman would prevent future mental problems for men, according to experts. In an experiment conducted by the researcher, two twin brothers were studied and found that both had exactly the same chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

However, they were able to verify that later, in his adult life, the environments were completely different, and one of the most important factors that prevented one of the twins from developing Alzheimer’s was intelligence.

The experts they evidencedthat a person can avoid Alzheimer’s or dementia in old age if he stimulates his intelligence, either on his own initiative, or by being next to an intelligent person. “ What a young man should do is marry an intelligent woman. There is no better buffer against dementia than intelligence, ”says Professor Whalley.

Why smart women attract

It is true that men love pretty women. And we love to look good. But the truth is that a pretty woman attracts, but an intelligent one falls in love. If you can combine both, you are a diamond in the rough in male eyes.

Men who fall in love with an intelligent woman are those who are sure of themselves. Intelligent women attract them because they know that they are not carried away by superficial things, and because the meaning of life for them goes beyond a beautiful silhouette.

The consequences of being with a smart woman

Men who choose to have a smart woman by their side reap their benefits

  • They feel safe and confident
  • They have great company and support
  • They trust your judgment
  • They stimulate your intellect
  • They understand other points of view
  • Have more fun
  • They age healthier
  • They keep their brains active
  • Conversations are stimulating
  • They live longer and happier lives

In addition, those men who have an intelligent woman by their side learn to love the feminine essence like never before, since they are free, empathetic and captivating beings. Smart women love themselves and men can’t resist that charm. There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent and confident woman.

Stimulate intelligence

In addition to having a brilliant person on your side, experts say there are a number of things that make your chances of reaching old age with mental problems like Alzheimer’s really low.

Beyond genetics itself, which can lead to Alzheimer’s, people entering adulthood can prevent it with simple things from everyday life like:

  • Play chess
  • Assemble puzzles
  • Play sudoku
  • Study a language
  • Get regular physical exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Eliminate tobacco
  • Attend memory workshops

Why are men afraid of smart women?

Much is said that men prefer them submissive, somewhat distracting and not so smart. The truth is that there are men who fear losing control or simply do not tolerate their women making certain decisions.

For some men, the fact that a woman is intelligent is synonymous with not being able to exercise power over them. That is why those men who value a woman’s intelligence are worth gold.

The competitive nature of some men can’t bear to see their women shine. The movie “Wife”Shows this in a certain way, when the protagonist shields himself from the intelligence of his wife and makes a trick that will uncover a sinister secret. She will disarm her dreams to make her husband’s dreams come true.

If you have children, you have a great mission

Whether you have girls or boys, teach your children to value intelligence over physical matters. It is true that many times attraction is the first thing that enchants and is passionate about, but certainly parents must teach our children that there is much more than just a pretty face.

Teach your daughter to take pride in being smart and diligent, and teach your sons that a smart woman is worth more than a slim body. It teaches both that in addition to being beautiful and intelligent, the people they choose for their life  must have a noble heart.

Love, like intelligence, is stimulated

For experts, a man who is with an intelligent woman is more likely to reach a healthy old age, with good mental health, and far from dementia and Alzheimer’s. But also, for a man, being with an intelligent woman is a sure path towards a life full of interesting moments, deep conversations and a sincere and loyal accompaniment.

And like intelligence, love is stimulated. Therefore, the fact that a man is with an intelligent woman is not a conditionsine qua nonso that your relationship is fruitful and your life a charm. Love is worked on, stimulated, strengthened, so that it bears its fruits.

If you know a man who has an intelligent woman by his side, share this article with him, so that he values ​​the importance of having her by his side (his mental health will thank you).

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