This Is The Young Man Who Broke Shakira’s Heart As A Teenager, The Same Man She Used To Write Her Songs And Succeed In Life

He broke her heart for Valentine’s Day, she is living proof that heartbreak is survived. We can ALL learn from this.

Experiencing falling in love in adolescence is wonderful, it is when the heart rules over reason, everything is rosy and time passes quickly in the company of the loved one. It is a strong and seemingly indestructible love.

Surely we all remember our first love, the one that at some point made us suffer by destroying dreams and goals. In those moments you begin to feel abandonment and you think that there will never be another opportunity to love.

But thanks to those unforgettable and painful moments at that time, they were sources of inspiration, as in the case of the famous singer Shakira, who, being in love at 17, broke her heart, however: her experiences became great successes. , according to what was published in the ideas chest and other media.

Oscar Ulloa is the protagonist of the first songs that the Colombian wrote, he was her first unforgettable love, he even participated in the video clip of the song “Where are you heart”. They met in college, after a year of relationship, Shakira moved to Bogotá and Oscar decided to follow her.

The end of a love

Oscar decided to end Shakira on Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in September in Colombia, breaking her heart into a thousand pieces. However: Oscar’s goal was to set her free for her to pursue her musical career. He declared “We finished a day of love and friendship. I think it was the moment when I had to continue alone and I was not wrong. She got to heaven.

What can parents do to help their children overcome their grief?

As parents it is inevitable to experience the suffering of a child when their heart is broken, they feel devastated, disappointed, hurt and sometimes without wanting to love again. However: from experience and maturity, we know that this stage will soon pass and that at some point in life they will find their true love.

For this reason I share with you: How to help your son when his heart has been broken

What to do?

1. Support without getting in the way

Some adolescents when they suffer from a love breakup, tend to isolate themselves from the family, to cry and mourn. It all depends on the communication and trust that they place in the parents.

It is important to show children that we empathize with them, that we understand what they are going through in those moments and that we support them.

Remember that every duel consists of 5 phases, I invite you to read: 5 phases to heal from a love breakup

2. Quiet you look prettier

As parents, the first thing that comes to mind when we see children suffering for love is to speak ill of the person who hurt them. It is logical, however: we must take into account that they are adolescents and that from one moment to another they may clarify their situation and return to the relationship. For this reason, we should avoid expressing ourselves badly about people.

3. Get rid of depression!

Motivating children to resume their lives is ideal for them to stop suffering from what happened. As parents we must be alert when they stop eating, cry all the time, isolate themselves and sleep for long hours, they can be signs of depression, which if not treated in time, can have terrible consequences such as threatening one’s life.

Therefore, it is important to get them out of depression, seek activities that clear their mind and thoughts. Any physical or recreational activity will be very helpful to overcome the grief.

Just as Shakira suffered for love, we have all experienced it at some time. Let us help children to overcome and heal the pain in their hearts.

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