This Is How Men Love

Learn about the different ways of loving each man to understand that each one finds the perfect way to make his wife happy.

We all have different personalities, we are unique and special; Therefore, when it comes to loving the partner and showing him how important he is to us, we usually do it in many different ways, since everything depends on the values, customs and ideologies of each one.

For example, some men tend to invest all their money to surprise their beloved, giving her the most expensive and finest things, in order to tell her that they love her; others may express their love with details, kind words, and physical contact, and others do not show love in public but are passionate in private.

The most important thing about love as a couple is feeling happy; that the two make a good team to conquer their dreams, goals and illusions, going through and overcoming all adversity together; Until death separates them.

How do men love?

Rosa María Cifuentes author of the book “How they love”, Provides us with information about the way in which most men tend to love. In his research, he affirms that there are of all kinds: there are those who are committed, faithful, detailed, demanding, dominant, lively, practical or those who prove to be heroes.

Understanding men’s ways of loving can sometimes be complicated, because despite being the perfect complement to women, we are very different. For this reason, it is not just a matter of trying to understand them, but of identifying those actions or behaviors that reflect that they love us, that they are one hundred percent committed to us.

The man who really loves behaves like this

Understood that there are different ways to show love, because we are all different; Here I share what most men do for that woman they love.

1 “Yes, she is my wife”

There is no better demonstration of love than that when a man puts his wife as number one in everything, being his priority. It is about anticipating the needs of your loved one, respecting him as your partner, wife, partner, friend and mother of your children.

Perhaps it is sacrificing some things so that she is well, giving her the best. These men can show their love in a very simple way, maybe they are the ones who give you a coat when you’re cold, the one who brings you a delicious breakfast to your room when you’re sick, the one who is proud to introduce you to their friends, among other things.

2 “Tell me your opinion, what do we do?”

There will be times when he has to make decisions, but most of the time he will seek your guidance, advice, support and opinion, since you are a couple. Sometimes your ideas will not be put into practice or executed, but the important thing is that they take you into account and between the two of them they will look for the best options to solve their conflicts and achieve their goals.

3 All dates are special for him

It is wonderful for men to remember important dates such as an anniversary or a birthday. But in reality for many of them, there are no dates or days marked on a calendar to show you their love. They are the ones who will surprise you with a bouquet of flowers, with some chocolates or with tickets to go to a concert, no matter that there is nothing to celebrate.

4 “What time are you going to arrive?”

They are the men who feel safe and confident in your love; For this reason, they will never put a pretext for you not to do what you want. If you want to go with your friends to have breakfast, go to a spa, get a job or do anything, he will always support you. There will be no arguments, no absurd jealousy.

5 “Wait, I’ll open the door for you”

It is that man who, due to his values ​​and teachings learned in his childhood, treats women with respect and chivalry. They show their love by opening the door of the car or the house, carrying your bag, the one who takes you by the hand when you walk, the one who hugs when you are cold, and so on.

6 You were telling me, love?

Women are very given to talking too much, explaining in detail everything we want to say. Men are more practical and simple in the way they express their ideas and thoughts. However, despite these differences, the man who loves his wife will try tolisten to it with attention, in order to know what her afflictions are and thus be able to help and support her.

7 «Today we are going to party»

We know that most of the time couples end up tired of the routine of life. Not only do you live to work and provide financial stability for your family; you also need to relax and enjoy. For this reason, men often demonstrate their love by breaking routine and monotony; they are usually the ones who make plans to travel, go to the movies, go to a restaurant and so on.

8 Details and love are never too much

They are very passionate, romantic and detailed. They express their love instantly and without prejudice, since you are the person who loves the most in this world. Kisses, hugs, cuddles and intimacy are essential to tell you that she loves you with all her heart. Also the messages or calls and any tender details, are essential to strengthen their relationship with you.

We must understand that all men show their love in different ways ; Perhaps, your partner does not remember important dates, but surprises you by preparing a romantic dinner or helping you with household chores. Love your husband, and value every act of love he does for you!

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