This Can Happen To Your Child In A Gym

Today’s gyms and sports clubs offer a wide range of routines, workouts and services to invite young people to join. I invite you to read these ideas to make the gym a real opportunity for growth.

I can’t recall at this moment a parent who was upset that their child wanted to exercise. But I do remember some angry or problematic parents for not taking into account some situations related to their children’s decision to go to the gym to exercise. So make sure it doesn’t happen to you and consider these recommendations:

Playing a sport is ideal for young people

In particular, team sports are fabulous at this time in their lives, because they not only strengthen their bodies, but also acquire discipline, knowing how to work as a team, responsibility, leadership, a spirit of sacrifice and striving for a common goal. What sports? Football, soccer, or basketball are great! Why am I telling you this? Because in the gym most of the current workouts will take you to a lot of work and effort alone, which is not bad, but it will deprive you of the process of socialization and idealism typical of these ages.

Home gym

If the current situation, for some reason, does not allow you to enroll your child in a gym, suggest doing one at home. A truly motivated young man will do it, and this will also give you the opportunity to know exactly what he wants, as sometimes it is just about novelty or doing what friends are doing.

Choosing a gym

Join your child in this, if possible. Otherwise, ask him to visit at least three establishments and obtain the following information: costs, hours, internal regulations, the type of training he is requesting; This is essential, as there are many styles and techniques that may not be appropriate for your age and stage of physical development.

A good instructor and a good routine: good results

If your child does not have any medical restrictions and is generally healthy, he should not have major problems starting a routine in the gym. Make sure he has a good coach – someone who instructs him, supervises him, encourages him, and doesn’t leave him alone. Ask your child to tell you about his progress, achievements and challenges; Also ask about the new friendships he is developing and keep an eye on the products they recommend taking, whether they are vitamins or supplements; Explain that they cannot take anything that has not previously been approved by you. If he is practicing physical-constructivism, remind him to be careful with the amount of weight that is advisable to lift. Boys are developing, and lifting excessive weights, indiscriminately or unsupervised, can cause developmental injuries. Many establishments dedicated to this area report that young people only attend regularly during the first three months and then abandon the exercise, because “they do not see results.” This is a great opportunity to teach perseverance and effort.

Food, rest and toilet

If your child is between 14 and 18 years old, he may belong to the “vampire generation”, the one who stays up late at night “chatting” or on social media, and who wakes up late and quite tired. If that’s the case, exercising will be great for you! Make sure they go to bed and sleep, get up early, eat breakfast, lunch and eat their best. If you exercise correctly, your body will naturally demand rest and food and its development will be harmonious. Cleanliness plays a basic part in this development: a good gym teaches its members to clean equipment after use; remind your child of the use of sandals in the bathroom, and those principles of personal hygiene and care that must be observed in public places. The transmission of fungus in the feet and hands is still common due to not observing basic hygiene care.

For the young ladies

All the above recommendations apply equally. It is wonderful to be able to live in a world where women have the same opportunity as men to play sports or strengthen their bodies. Girls, particularly at this age, are recommended both team sports and those activities that will develop their beauty and physical strength, such as dance in any of its manifestations and styles, performing arts, physical conditioning routines or dance and animation groups; But don’t rule out that your daughter is interested in boxing, a martial art, some extreme sport, or becomes a champion of physical-constructivism! Whatever her desire, get close to her, get interested and become her number 1 fan; encourage her to achieve her goals. For adolescents, this stage is essential to build a strong identity and for their self-esteem to be strengthened, accept their body and love their womanhood. Help her to know how to continue with her workouts during her menstrual cycles and to protect and care for her breasts while doing the practices.

In short, playing sports or practicing any physical discipline will help enormously in the lives of your children. Participate with them in their competitions, encourage them, celebrate their progress and strengthen all conduct and good habits that allow them to maintain their health and improve their quality of life. And of course, it is also a very good pretext for you to exercise.

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