This Baby’s Eyes Showed The Main Sign Of A Problem That Almost Led To Her Grave

The first symptom was in his eyes.

The eyes of a little Brayleee, barely two months old, suddenly changed color. Her parents Amanda and Justin from Frankfort Illiinois, United States had the scare of their lives when they realized without imagining that this nightmare was just beginning.

When they took her to the hospital, the doctors believed that it was only a treatable problem with the liver, which caused that color change in her eyes, but the reality was different and more serious than they would have thought. After some studies the baby was diagnosed and treated for jaundice

Jaundice is a newborn infection that causes the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes that occurs when bilirubin accumulates in the blood faster than the liver is capable of breaking down and eliminating. on your body.

However, it was not cured, on the contrary everything was complicated. Doctors conducted further tests until they realized that the baby had been born without a gallbladder. They had to connect her intestine directly with her liver to drain the bile that had already contaminated her body.

Soon after, the baby’s stomach began to grow to the size of a balloon, indicating that the latest medical strategy was not working. He required something more severe and urgent… a liver transplant in order to live. And just before her father gave her a piece of her organ, a liver donor appeared who not only saved his daughter’s life without two other babies.

The gallbladder is responsible for concentrating (reabsorbing water and electrolytes through the membrane of the gallbladder), storing and excreting bile, the main constituents of which are cholesterol, bilirubin (the main bile pigment) and bile salts. Symptoms are very vague so much attention should be paid to any symptoms:

Gallbladder symptoms

A. Abdominal pain

Discomfort that occurs in the upper right part of the stomach, below the ribs progressing little by little to the center of the upper part of the belly or upper back. The pain usually lasts from 15 to an hour.

2. Chest pain

This occurs when the gallbladder becomes blocked or the acid duct remains in the stomach and is stimulated into the chest, causing an impression similar to a heart attack.

3. Indigestion

After each meal you can suffer from nausea, abdominal discomfort, gas and even vomiting. These symptoms are not given due importance, which in some occasions can result or be confused with another origin.

4. Changes in urine and stool

Urine may change color to dark brown or totally yellow due to the calcium salts, bile pigment, and cholesterol in the stones. Stools may turn clay to pale in color.

5. Breakdown of feces

Diarrhea can be accompanied by very aggressive and continuous digestive movements, up to four times a day, which usually cause pain that comes and goes.

Most common risk factors

  • 1. Excess weight

  • 2. Sedentary life

  • 3. Alcohol abuse

  • 4. Low-fat or fat-free diets

  • 5. Diet rich in saturated fat

  • 6. Low calorie diets

  • 7. Exaggerated consumption of antacids

  • 8. Over 40 years

  • 9. Intake of birth control pills

  • 10. Uncontrolled diabetes

  • 11. Estrogen intake

  • 12. Diet lacking enough fiber

  • 13. Hypothyroidism

  • 14. History of the disease

According to experts, this disease is more common among women who have ever become pregnant and are over the age of 40. Do not let this disease surprise you and any change you notice, do not hesitate to go immediately to the doctor, an early arrest can save your life!

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