Thinking About Divorce? Before You Must Do These 6 Things

Your marriage deserves one more chance, you can try one more time.

Completely happy couples DO NOT EXIST, do not let that false idea be sold, there are couples who love each other and therefore fight to the end of their strength to overcome every obstacle that is put in their way, those are the ones they never consider divorce as an option.

There are also those couples who, no matter how hard they fight, cannot define whether it is better to be apart or together. They have been considering divorce as an option for years but ultimately they cannot decide and they always leave the issue on hold, causing harm but not being able to get away completely, which is a harmful cycle for the well-being of a family.

And it is understandable, divorce is a decision that must be made with a cool head and not at all under the heat of disgust or frustration, much less under the influence of a momentary impulse that can lead to late regret.

Therefore, so that you do not go through this situation, I want you to know 5 things you MUST do before requesting a divorce from your partner.

1. Try to arrange a meeting with your husband that does not lead to pointless confrontations

Before the problems were insurmountable between you, you could talk about anything without getting into a fight; Well, try to make this meeting of that type, because you are going to have to talk with your partner about what is happening between you and it is only fair that you both have enough time and wishes for a change -be it positive or negative- But urge things are finally defined.

Once he is clear about what the meeting is about, ask him the following point.

2. Next, make 2 more lists. The first one that includes the things you like and the second that has the aspects that you cannot bear about your partner

There are things that change over the years in a person and there are also others that do not, many of them were the ones that made you fall in love with your spouse, the others were developed throughout the coexistence.

Whether these aspects are good or bad, it is fair that they become aware of them, because only in this way is it possible to try to find a solution to what bothers them so much about each one.

3. Each one make a list of the problems they have and consider to be insurmountable.

The coin always has 2 sides and the same goes for marriages. What for you can be a huge difference, for your husband it is not so much, so it is important to see the opinion that each one has of the situation and see how serious the problems are that separate them.

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4. What are you willing to do to save your marriage, before it’s too late?

With the knowledge of your qualities, defects and what each one considers to be a problem for the relationship, propose solutions to them, real changes that you can carry out to save your marriage.

This step is going to take longer because you actually have to do what you set out to do to get your relationship back. A week, a month or more, as long as it takes for there to be significant changes.

If the changes you were able to make helped you realize that you could continue on the path of life together, let me congratulate you.

But if not, there is the next step.

5. Make sure that there really is no solution to your marital problems.

Despite having been given the opportunity to make real and tangible changes, there will always be the possibility of divorce, either because they did not have enough effort to achieve the change that both deserved, or because ultimately everything ended between you.

Talk about what happened and get ready because the moment you have been putting off has come.

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6. Come to a mature divorce agreement

In the same way that when you married you decided it together, do the same now, think that it is for the welfare not only of your children (if there are any) and that of the person you have in front of you and that you once loved.

A divorce on good terms is always better than one where both are in frank discord, that will make it faster and less painful for everyone. In addition to this, there will be no injuries to face, in the long run they will have a good relationship in favor of the children and those around them.

A divorce is never the easiest and most practical decision, so I invite you to do this process before choosing that path, it will help you to see things that perhaps you could not before and if the relationship of both has a good prognosis, everything will be solved in a different way than you expected.


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