Think About It Not Twice, But Many, 4 Consequences Of Infidelity

Do you know how serious are the consequences of infidelity? Reflect on it and protect the physical and mental health of your family.

There are two types of infidelity: the most common occurs during courtship, in young people, where feelings, emotions and commitment lack the necessary stability to carry out a common project; the other is the stage of marriage.

Many people (I include myself in the list) have gone through the hard pain that infidelity causes, it does not matter if it happens in courtship or married life. Possible consequences are conflict, violence, divorce, and separation.

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Let us remember that we all are and act differently; so the healing process is different. Factors such as age, commitment and maturity are essential to cope with the situation and heal the soul. When you have children, the process of overcoming the drama is more complicated, because the whole family is involved.

Without further ado, before thinking about being unfaithful to your partner, better reflect on these four consequences (although there are more) that this act causes and value what you have at home, your family:

1. A whole family breaks down

The family union is completely destroyed, the relationships between the couple become conflictive, creating an environment of violence, resentment, pain, insecurity and contempt. The children take part in the fights of the parents when they see the abuse, the insults and the chaos that is lived in the home.

On some occasions, the person who commits the infidelity is unable to exercise his responsibilities within the family again because he has decided to abandon it, separate or divorce. All members suffer and experience the pain of infidelity. The affected couple and the children develop feelings of insecurity, fear, fear and mistrust, with physical and emotional health being seriously affected.

2. Trust, no more

When the affected couple decides to forgive from the heart, it will take a lot of work to regain trust towards the couple due to the fear and uncertainty of not knowing how the other party will act and the fear of thinking that the infidelity will happen again arises.

There are cases where the affected couple decides to separate and marry again, but the simple fact of having experienced infidelity in their relationship will open consequences in their new relationship. It is not law, but it happens.

3. Emotions on the cutting edge

Due to the chaos that infidelity causes, it will be difficult for the affected person to concentrate on their obligations and responsibilities, they will set aside their goals and will be prone to losing their job; possibly fall into depression.

Pain is devastating, creating feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, insecurity, disappointment, contempt, confusion, guilt, and reproach. To heal emotions, it is recommended that you go to a specialist, not only the person affected directly, but all the members of the family, since we all suffer differently.

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4. Pain is felt throughout the body

The victim of the unfaithful act loses his appetite, his sleep hours are altered, insomnia appears, he has no energy, nor the desire to perform any activity; neglects their image, hygiene and clothing.

Sometimes, infidelity creates physiological and psychological problems such as bulimia, anorexia or, otherwise, obesity, due to lack of nutritional control. If you have questions about how your marriage is going, do not stop reading: 4 questions to know if your marriage is going well

There are many factors that motivate people to be unfaithful, but they would have to think about it not twice, but as necessary because it affects, sometimes irreversibly, the person they love and, by extension, the family. To avoid this pain, the best thing is communication with your partner, mutual commitment, respect and love.

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