They Changed Their World With Education And Laughter Therapy

The success of the Triqui children of basketball, thanks to laughter therapy,

There are already thousands of kilometers traveled, they have national recognition and many of them have forged lifelong friendships, but none of this can replace the more than six months that they do not see Mom. I am referring to the basketball team made up of the Triqui children of Oaxaca, world champions in the children’s tournament in Argentina a few years ago and inspiration for a people that needs humble sports heroes.

In this regard, I had the opportunity to talk with Sergio Zúñiga, coach and architect of this story, who revealed to me the secret of the success of these little ones. I would like to share it with you, since perhaps it will serve you as a life experience and you can apply it in your day to day.

Laugh to overcome obstacles

About how this story was developing, his coach tells me: «They raised awareness about the situation in which they find themselves, they recognized their social, economic and educational status, and they want to counteract it. To do this, we teach them both to win and to lose; something very important in all this is the laughter therapy workshops that we give them. Laughing to overcome obstacles is what this approach proposes as a strategy that allows developing emotional benefits through the joy expressed through laughter. In addition to this, he tells me that they are given workshops on competitiveness and are encouraged to feel sure of who they are, their skin color, height and way of communicating.

In relation to this, Sergio shares with me: «They have no complexes of any kind, they are proud of their roots, we have used sport as an ideal pretext for them to study and understand that education is part of their future and of course, of all childhood in Mexico ”, highlights coach Zúñiga, with the patience and wisdom of a mentor.

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From a small region of Oaxaca, to being world champions

At the beginning of the selection process, 3,000 indigenous children were considered for the project, of which only the 50 remained who are part of the entire representative divided into categories. “We are all world champions, because we train in the same way and everyone is given the same training,” says Alfredo Martínez, another of the coaches of this successful group.

The Triqui people live in the northwest of the State of Oaxaca; the girls have to get up early to help their mothers prepare breakfast, knead the nixtamal and clean their houses. The men carry buckets of water, carry firewood and split it; They eat breakfast, go to school and train for two hours back. After this, they dedicate themselves to doing their homework, have dinner and go to sleep. Television does not exist for these champions.

Sharing minutes of the journey and a subsequent training session with the triqui team is a great life lesson. They are children who laugh thanks to sports and for whom any space is good to bounce a ball, whether it is the corridor of a bus or the floor of a gym. For them, making a basket is without a doubt a very big step towards a new life. Stories like these may well become an example that inspires our lives and encourages us to improve our personal and family relationships.

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