These Two Celebrities Will Not Buy A Christmas Present For Their Children For This Simple Reason

Both were firm in their decision, do you agree with the rationale?

When it comes to Christmas gifts, we want our children to feel happy when they open the packages. However, when they are too young they do not always understand very well what Christmas is all about and the tradition of gifting themselves. And that’s what two famous Hollywood actors think.

According to the site Pop Sugar, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are totally convinced that this year they will not give their children anything for Christmas. And the reason is more than valid. “Until now, our tradition is not a gift for children”, said Mila Kunis in an interview, who assured that last year when her little son was 2 years old, they did not give him any gifts either, but that he received some from his grandparents.

Their argument is that they do not want their two children (Wyatt and Dimitri) to grow up as ungrateful children, because receiving gifts without even expecting it makes a young child used to it. «The child no longer appreciates the only gift. They do not even know what they are waiting for, they are only waiting for things, “said the actress convinced.

The new tradition

The fame of these actors does not prevent them from being very clear about the kind of values ​​they want to instill in their children. What they have asked their relatives for these festive dates is something that many families should simply imitate: “We have told our parents that if they have to give them something, choose a gift. Otherwise, we would like to make a charitable donation. That is our new tradition »said the actress.

The motion can be frowned upon by any family, who are eagerly waiting to give the little ones as gifts and see their faces in surprise at so many packages. But if we think about it, it is an excellent opportunity to also talk with adults about the true meaning of Christmas and how we trust them as a family to help us educate our children in good values. Yes, of course we want our children to receive many gifts, but even more we want them to be good people in the future, right?

For many people, the decision of this famous couple of actors can be somewhat frivolous, but for many others it reflects the true commitment they feel as parents in wanting to transmit to their children the austerity and effort that buying valuable objects represents, even though their parents make a lot of money from their work.

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Other gifts other than toys

The children want to receive toys for Christmas. Or, at least, we can’t think of anything else to give them. However, there are other gifts that we can give them that are not necessarily toys that will later be forgotten in a large box.

Some examples of gifts for children can be:

  • To exercise: trampolines, bicycles, skateboards, skates

  • To read: a book according to his age

  • Music: Cds, or DVDs, are an excellent idea to bring them closer to musical art, especially if you like a particular children’s group

  • Furniture: chairs, chairs with your favorite character, desks for your room, or a desk for the computer if they are bigger. Also, some chair for the outdoor garden

  • Tickets to shows: If the show that you like so much came to your city, it is a good time to give it a very original gift

Our children will not appreciate us in the future for the amount of gifts we have given them, but for the time we have invested in being with them, in accompanying them and guiding them with affection. Time is the best gift we can give our children and it is the one that they will carry in their memory for a lifetime. Take advantage of these holidays to make a firm resolution that the new year that begins will find more time to dedicate to your children and your family. Merry Christmas!

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