These Children Were Going To Vacation With Their Grandmother. They Did Not Imagine What She Would Have For Them

Easter, holidays, visit of grandchildren. How could a grandmother welcome her grandchildren? Find out in this article.

The vacation period is about to begin and with it the “threat” of receiving friends, family, and grandchildren! Surely this causes you great happiness and joy, but also a bit of worry and fatigue. Grandchildren on the attack! Holidays with grandparents! If you allow me, I would like to share with you five good recommendations for this and other cases of visits by grandchildren to your home:

  1. It is always good to have a small first aid kit at home , stocked with what children need most: sunscreen, adhesive bandages for rappies and cuts, ointment for blows, etc. You can prepare some “special granny” cream that cures all kinds of illnesses, such as burns, pain and various ailments; you know, one of “those that only grandma has.”
  2. Prepare in advance a box of games for the garden and another to play indoors. Get familiar with the games and when the grandchildren arrive you can show them how they are played and give them competition.
  3. A grandmother knows the heart of every grandchild. This tip is worth gold: prepare an activity and a special gift for each grandchild in a box or bag. It does not need to be expensive, on the contrary, it must be something very special !; For example: if you have a granddaughter who likes to sing and loves music, write lyrics on a sheet of paper and tell her that you would very much like to learn to sing them with her. This is a gift that you can say: I made it for you, I saw it and I thought of you because you like music. Take time to spend time with each of your little guests.
  4. If very small guests are arriving, check that the house offers the minimum security measures for them. For example, keep cleaners and other items that could be dangerous in safe places.
  5. Get ready with comfortable clothes and have the courage and disposition to have fun and have a good time with them. This is a great opportunity to start forming beautiful memories for your grandchildren, so that when they are older, they will happily remember the time they spent at their grandparents’ house and value the time you spent with them.

Becoming a grandparent is a wonderful achievement: having grandchildren and the opportunity to see them grow up and participate in their lives is a blessing few can boast. Many grandparents deprive themselves and others of this life experience by putting temporary things first, such as cleaning the house or comfort; do not allow such unimportant things to separate you from those you love. Perhaps your health is delicate, or your nerves are sensitive and you think that your peace of mind will be affected by the noise and discomfort that children and grandchildren generate when they visit you; You may even think that the expense will be terrible and will affect your finances. Just let me tell you something: it is worse and it is more expensive to have the family apart. Relax a bit and allow the house to lose its order, it will only be for a short time; Allow yourself the discomforts, they are only temporary and above all, do not limit love. Grandchildren, like your children, grow up and one day they will no longer want to or will not be able to go to their grandparents’ house, so do not deprive yourself of their company and how much they need you. Cultivate your good humor, tolerance and patience, the days fly and when you least think about it your children and grandchildren will be gone.

My father-in-law used to say, “I am very happy when you come home, it fills me with joy, but nothing gives me more pleasure than when you leave!”

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