These Are The Things You Should Not Tolerate In A Relationship If You Want It To Actually Work, According To Specialists

Many situations are endured in a relationship just to try to be happy, but this article will let you know what you should NOT put up with to be happy with your partner.

Whoever dares to affirm that understanding with the partner does not represent a major effort, or is very lucky, is complacent or is lying, one of three. Why am I exposing this? Simple, a relationship of beings raised by different families, educated in different ways, with similar values ​​and idiosyncrasies but full of countless influences, is actually quite a challenge that requires respect, understanding, patience and of course love.

However, there are certain aspects that under no circumstances should a person allow in an emotional relationship, no matter how much they love their partner and want the relationship to work at all costs.

Of course, it is allowed to make merits to win the affection of the loved one, but there are certainly rational limits that make the difference between a relationship that is healthy and one that is far from being so.

It is for that reason that below you will find 5 aspects that you MUST endure in a relationship for nothing in the world for it to work.


Typically, when problems begin to appear within a relationship, aspects of the couple come to light that are not so attractive. Avoiding complaints should be the ideal, learning to talk even if you are very upset about everything that is uncomfortable or waiting a while while the “heat of the argument” passes is what allows relationships to settle any difference.

Emotional dependence

It is extremely harmful since with this attitude, the couple ends up feeling asphyxiated. You can have many desires to spend a lot of time with the loved one, but everything with a limit is healthier for the duration and emotional stability.


Resorting to this degradation mechanism is damaging to self-esteem as well as to the relationship. If you want this not to last long, start to despise your partner through mistreatment, vulgarity, aggression of all kinds and sooner than you will see the results.

There are countless ways to vent the frustration that comes with not being heard or attended to on time, but it is a fact that insulting is the worst tool of all.


Jealousy is not a sign of love, it is a sign of possession and desire for control. Apart from the fact that the person lets see that she is insecure, she ends up annoying whoever loves her. You should not accept that attitude if you want the relationship to work.

Trust in the other is essential for a prosperous and stable relationship. Avoiding being possessive is vital, especially if they are just effects of the imagination.


There is nothing that ends the illusion of love more than having a neglected partner. Love must be cultivated day by day, not only with words but with actions, since these reaffirm the affection that they have, strengthen the relationship and project it into the future.

It does not require great efforts, expensive details and that they are daily, you only need to be aware of the needs of someone you love and value what they do for you, and your affective success will be guaranteed.

Making a relationship prosperous and long-lasting seems simple, however, it demands a fair balance in these 5 aspects that should not be neglected since if they are allowed to take the reins, the relationship will not last long.

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