These Are The Terrible Reasons Why Your Mother-in-law Doesn’t Like You

Mother-in-law has always been singled out as the most difficult people to conquer, but there is no thoughtful reflection on why they may have certain attitudes.

One of the most important and difficult factors you can face in a relationship is meeting your boyfriend’s mom. You know that he is the most difficult person to conquer, the one who is going to review you from head to toe, who is going to analyze each word and how you say it, the way you dress, how you stand, what you eat, what eat, the one that is going to question you about your personal life, your medical history, your family tree, your gastronomic skills, your past relationships, in short, in a word, EVERYTHING!

The reason is very simple: you are going to “steal” from her son, one of her most valuable treasures, the best man in the world. For this reason, it is impossible for a woman to meet all the necessary characteristics to live with him.

On the other hand, although the opinion of the family regarding his new partner is important for the man, the decision to marry you only depends on him, so you should not worry about that side. However, because it is the woman who gave life to your boyfriend, you have to make an effort to please him. If you have tried it before with positive results, I congratulate you; But if you still don’t get it, I invite you to read the following letters and find out what bothers your mother-in-law about you and so you can do something about it.

1. You do not attend to his son

There are some moms who think that if their child is thin or has gained a few kilos in weight, it is the result of a poor diet or lack of it. The same happens with your clothing or your mood: they see you tired, pensive, worried, and so on. Whatever happens to him, he will automatically award it to you.

2. Since she got married, he won’t visit her

This is one of the most common reproaches that mothers-in-law have towards their daughters-in-law, because they think that not visiting her is a “strategy” of yours to separate her from her son, without remembering everything that involves running a home, children, husband and in sometimes even a job.

3. You earn more than your child

Another very strong reason for your mother-in-law not to accept you is the fact that you work. And if you earn more than your son, worse! For her it can mean humiliation, an attempt to make him feel less like the man of the house and even the false idea that she failed with her son can be fabricated.

4. You don’t think like her

There are many mothers-in-law who, without the intention of bothering, think they know everything. And since they look for the best for their children – and therefore, for their grandchildren – they want to teach you to cook, to run your home, to educate your children, to dress and even to teach you to speak.

These are the most common reasons why your mother-in-law may not like you, but if you read carefully, all the reasons carry with them the great love they feel for their son. Exaggerated love, misdirected, wrong or whatever you like to call it, the same that you will only be able to understand when it is your turn to take that role.

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