These Are The Symptoms That You Least Imagine That Indicate That You Could Suffer From Breast Cancer

Prevention is an essential tool to stop the lethal disease in time. Are you correctly informed about its symptoms?

We women have been taught that we must do a manual inspection of our breasts in order to detect any lump in time. But not always the first symptom can be a lump, but the body can manifest the disease through other not so common symptoms.

Mail Online collects the story of Emily Nunn, 40, who suffers from breast cancer and is warning other women about the disease, as she had rare symptoms or, at least, not so popularly known. Meanwhile, another woman, named Katherine Vesey, also experienced some signs of breast cancer, such as bruising on her ribs, but they were linked to another disease.

Two symptoms and the same evil

Emily was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of last year. She still remembers the moment when she had to tell her two children and her husband, who had already lost his mother to the same illness. Today, her family is her unwavering support, and she tells her story so that other women are alert to the signs that her body can give.

In June 2016 Emily noticed a thick, white discharge coming from her nipple. “I had no idea what it was about, I just knew it was clearly not normal,” the woman said. “My doctor checked it, but he said it was nothing, it disappeared after a week.” However, within a few months she found a lump in her breast. The discharge had been a first sign, but not even the doctor had taken it into account that it could be related to cancer.

Thus, Emily, with a tremendous sense of helplessness, felt the world collapse at her feet. The treatment was exhausting. She required many chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions and surgery where her tumor was removed from her breast. Today, she is in recovery and at the moment there is no indication that the cancer is progressing. However, she still has memories of the bad drink, although she acknowledged that she feels stronger than ever

Emily added: “Being breast conscious is so important to me now. I am constantly checking myself and looking for changes, anything unusual at all since I know that many things can mean breast cancer.

On the other hand, a woman named Katherine also noticed that something strange was happening with her breasts, but at first she did not associate it with cancer, since in the first instance the famous lumps had not appeared. The first sign Katherine had that something was wrong was when she felt a bruised rib. Then she noticed what looked like a piece of rope just under her skin, and this turned out to be Mondor’s disease, a rare condition caused by the inflammation of a vein just under the skin of the chest or the chest wall.

Katherine led an active lifestyle, and she thought that this inflamed vein had something to do with it, since Mondor’s disease is often caused by injury or excessive physical exercise. So the woman thought it was about it. However, when Katherine turned 42 and went for a routine ultrasound, doctors detected two very dense lumps on her chest.

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The woman fell into deep pain and thought that she had little time to live. But when doctors told her her cancer was treatable that night, she celebrated with her husband and children in hopes of getting ahead. She just finished radiation treatment a few months ago and is trying to get her life back to normal. Despite everything, she was able to get ahead and her message can help thousands of women who are going through the same situation.

Rare symptoms of breast cancer

Emily and Katherine, like hundreds of women around the world, suffered from signs of breast cancer without even having the initial suspicion that it was it: one, the white discharge and the other, the swollen vein under their skin. In general, we are scared only when we notice a lump in the breast, but stories like these are of great importance in raising awareness about the symptoms of the disease that we do not always know.

According to the National Cancer Institute, symptoms associated with breast cancer, in addition to lumps, are:

  • Inflammation of the breast (edema)

  • Irritation and redness of the breast (erythema)

  • Breast that is pinkish or bruised in appearance

  • Orange peel-like breast skin

  • Breast enlargement

  • Feeling of pain, burning or heaviness when palpating the breast

  • Inverted nipple

  • Discharge or bleeding

  • Rash on or around the nipple

It is important to mention that some of these symptoms also correspond to other diseases. That is why before the appearance of any of them, it is best to go immediately to a specialist.

According to the BBC, and according to the International Fund for World Cancer Research, breast cancer is one of the most common among women and the speed with which the woman goes to treatment will make it effective or not. In other words, when any signs appear, it is essential not to let go, because otherwise the cancer can advance rapidly and be fatal.

Your health is paramount. And as a woman, you must know your body and take care of it. Do not stop getting your annual check-ups and when in doubt, consult your doctor.

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