These Are The Diseases That Women Suffer More Than Men

Women have a special tendency to develop some diseases. Find out what they are.

There is no doubt that being a woman at any stage of life will always be a real challenge and as the years go by the health issue becomes very important and something we must seriously consider.

As women we must be very attentive to our health because according to our gender we already have a natural tendency to develop or contract certain diseases that if not treated correctly could generate serious and even fatal problems.

What are these diseases?

Tn y la Gente published a list of diseases that women develop more often than men.

Breast cancer

Although it does occur in men, the highest figures are taken by women. Out of every 100 cases, one is from a man. If you have a family member who has developed this type of cancer, it is very important that you check yourself frequently as the statistics are very clear in this regard.

Multiple sclerosis

Women suffer more from this disease two or three times more than men and the same happens with lupus, for some strange reason, this happens.

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Again, if your family has a history, you should be doubly worried about going to the doctor if you have symptoms.


This problem women develop 8 times more than men. The bad thing is that as emotions or moods are affected, it is thought that it is everything except the thyroid and going to the doctor is then postponed and the disease develops even more.


One in 4 women have migraines, which means a lot of women! It is thought to be caused by hormonal problems and is so strong that it can be disabling.

Migraine is another condition that, if left untreated, can be a very serious and harmful problem.


A very painful disease that many suffer and that 85% of them are women and curiously also related to your genetics and relatives who have suffered from it.

In the face of pain, inflammation, loss of strength in the hands and the beginning of deformity in the feet and hands, you should go to the doctor immediately to see the treatment you can follow to avoid or at least control the consequences of this disease.

Irritable colon

This condition is suffered by men and women almost equally, but the symptoms are worse in women.

For men and women the recommendations are the same: fresh food, little meat, less food processor, more fiber, water, sports and above all: less stress and more time to relax.

Now that you know that we can develop these diseases or health problems, it is time to prevent to have a healthier and happier life.

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