These 7 Details Will Make Your Marriage A Happy Relationship

Relationships are like the body, if we don’t take care of them, they get sick.

Maintaining balance and love within a marriage can be a real problem with the passing of the years, the arrival of children and the daily inconveniences.

It must be a challenge trying to make time to play parks or chess with your partner, while the children scream from the bed to be read a story; not to mention trying to find a responsible babysitter to take care of them while they want to take time out to go to the movies or eat something.

With situations like this, it is inevitable not to think about how to keep the flame of love alive. And it is that these types of events wear down a relationship and lead them to argue even over the smallest things.

Despite how gray the picture may look, there are little things, details or tricks that you can use to make your marriage not only stay afloat, but also be active and happy, as much as if they were dating.

For that reason, below I will give you some ideas of those little details that will make your married life healthier and happier, here you have them:

  1. Appointments or outings at least 2 times a month

The number of outings per month is optional, you can organize your time and allocate certain days and hours to go for a walk, eat, go to the movies, an art exhibition, or whatever you both like to do.

As a couple they need recreation and relaxation to get rid of monotony; and what better way to do it than by changing your scene and doing things that you have not been able to do for a long time.

2. Affectionate notes

A “Don’t forget that I love you” or a “quiet, things will get better” can change the mood of a wife burdened by household chores or a husband tired of the work routine for the better.

These little messages show that you are attentive to what is happening with your partner and that you care how they are.

You choose if it’s a text message or a sneaky piece of paper in your shirt pocket, the point is to be surprised.

3. Occasional details

No waiting for it’s birthday or Valentine’s Day to give a gift. A bouquet of flowers, a breakfast in bed, a new t-shirt or whatever, can express that you love each other at any time of the year.

You can also choose to pick him up at work to go out to eat, buy him tickets to the next football game to go together, or even plan a trip for a weekend as a mini honeymoon.

These kinds of surprises help them get out of their comfort zone, revitalize and activate them, thus giving them a renewed air to start new stages in the life of a couple.

4. Talk

Of everything; of work, of the house, of children, of things that do not work, as well as of what is going well between you, of medium or long-term plans; that is to say, whatever it is.

This is healthy and they should try to make it a daily habit at least in the morning, at noon, or at night before bed. It is a precious time between you that makes you understand the needs of the other; and teaches them to listen and understand each other.

5. Have fun

Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly, play with the children and each other, tell jokes, play karaoke, dress up for Halloween. Those kinds of actions will make them laugh, don’t forget: A couple who have fun and laugh, stay together.

6. Dance without it being a special occasion

It doesn’t have to be Christmas or New Year’s Eve to put on some music and dance. Music gives them that “intimate plus” that gives them a romantic space even if they are in the solitude of their room. And romance is always food for love.

7. Make forgiveness a healthy habit

It is normal for situations to happen that obfuscate them, but you must not allow resentment and pride to take over your affection.

Instead, whenever you consider that you have done something that has hurt your spouse, do not hesitate or delay in asking for forgiveness, in apologizing for your actions and endeavoring to correct those mistakes; and try never to commit them again.

Keeping a marriage healthy requires effort and a lot of interest on both sides, but everything is accomplished with a little will. If you want, you can.

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