These 2 Cleaning Products That We All Use At Home Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer By 32% In Children And Adults

Lung cancer is the LEADING cause of death in both men and women today; avoid using these products.

For many people who detest housework, they now have an excuse. And what an excuse! Housework could pose great health risks, according to a team of scientists, according to what was published by Mirror.

Apparently, certain products that we use daily to clean the home carry the possibility of contracting some diseases. For example, bleaches and disinfectant products would increase the risk of lung disease by 32%.

At home, when my mother cleaned the bathroom, she asked me not to go near, as she made a mixture of bleach and dish soap that gave off a suffocating smell. Now, at home, I never made that mixture, because after a while I understood that it was toxic.

Don’t avoid cleaning

Now, after finding out what are the tasks that trigger different health problems, you will surely have the perfect excuse to rest from household chores.

However, it is about being cautious in the way we handle cleaning products. I am aware that I do not like to use gloves to wash dishes; I feel like I don’t have the same control as if I don’t have them. The consequences are that, over the years, the skin on my hands no longer looks as smooth as it used to and my nails are punished by the continuous contact of soap and water.

Therefore, while there are some routine housework that can harm our health, it is important to take certain preventive measures to carry them out in the safest way possible.

Shopping with reusable bags

In pursuit of ecology and in favor of the rational use of plastic and paper bags, in many countries of the world it has become fashionable to shop with a reusable bag. They are usually made of cloth or some resistible material; the truth is that many supermarkets no longer deliver plastic bags. On the one hand, it is a good thing for ecology, but on the other hand, it is a negative point for health.

Researchers at the Glasgow Caledonian University experimented with the reusable bags, and found that nearly half were heavily contaminated with bacteria that can cause infections like Escherichia Coli. Imagine this situation: you buy meat and put it in the shopping bag, then you put the vegetables and other waxes on top. You get in your car and put the bag on the seat. The heat quickly makes bacteria soar.

To avoid the risk of food infections, experts advise washing and disinfecting reusable bags often. Also, it is convenient to use each bag separately: one for vegetables and another for meats.

Put your clothes to dry inside the house

It is typical that in winter many people put their clothes to dry inside the house, because the humidity of the environment outside makes it take too long to dry. I am one of those people, and I put the clothes next to the stove, making sure that it will not take whole days for something to dry.

However, this practice according to experts, can harm health. Moisture released from clothing can further overload moisture in the environment, helping bacteria, fungi, and molds to grow, which could cause life-threatening respiratory problems.

According to the BBC, and according to a study carried out by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit in Glasgow, drying clothes inside the home can increase the risk of asthma, rhinitis and other allergies.

Change the cat’s sanitary stones

Having a cat at home is very nice. But the ugly part of the matter is changing your sanitary stones. This work must be done very neatly and avoiding any type of contamination with the environment. Cats often “scratch” the pebbles trying to cover what they have done, and in this way many times the stones come out of the tray.

Cleaning the cat litter tray can be dangerous for pregnant women, since cat droppings can be contaminated with a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, a disease that can be fatal to the fetus.

Clean the oven

Strenuous task if any. In an effort to remove all the excess grease accumulated on the oven walls, abrasive cleaners are often used. Most of them are bleach-based (chlorine). When this substance comes into contact with organic matter, it is highly corrosive.

Sure, the stains and globs are completely removed, but breathing in all the steam that these types of products produce can cause a person to cough and have a sore throat. It is essential to ventilate the environment well when performing this task, or to use some protection in the nose and mouth area.

Vacuum the carpets

Having rugs at home is nice and cozy. But the amount of bacteria that can accumulate in them is staggering. In a laboratory test, a dust sample taken from a carpet revealed alarming traces of pesticides, carcinogenic chemicals, and heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury. These powdered poisons could irritate children’s lungs, damage their developing nervous systems, slow their growth and hearing, or lead to cancer.

According to the study, vacuuming the carpets deposited even more bacteria than there were. The solution could be to remove them and place common floors.

Dishwasher safe

For many families, using the dishwasher lightens one of the most tedious tasks in the home. However, this modern device has its drawbacks. According to the site El Confidencial, and according to a study carried out by a Hospital in Sweden, the children of families who washed dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher, had fewer allergies. Researchers concluded that those who wash dishes by hand have a lifestyle less prone to allergies.

Using the dryer

Fires from the use of clothes drying machines are the second largest cause of fires in Britain, according to Mirror. The hazard is caused by a build-up of lint from the laundry itself, on the filter, and can cause the machine to catch fire immediately.

The dryer should never be left programmed to work in our absence, and the filter should also be changed often.

Clean the toaster

The toaster is always full of crumbs, it’s a fact. How do you get them? I unplug it and remove the tray underneath in order to collect the crumbs. Sometimes too, I turn it over so they fall.

But many people have made the mistake of trying to remove crumbs or a piece of bread by sticking a knife, causing immediate electric shocks. It is essential to disconnect the appliance before carrying out any task to clean the toaster, also, if you want to remove a stuck bread, you must unplug it first.

But doing housework has its benefits, too

Many of these aforementioned tasks must be done under care to avoid certain risks. The good news is that housework can also improve our health.

According to the magazine Sinc, and according to research from the University of Granada, Spain, doing housework can improve cardiovascular health.

Washing, scrubbing, sweeping, are good exercises that we do every day at home and that, without realizing it, put us on a daily trot. You may not have time to go to the gym, but if you clean your house every day you will be in good physical condition (yes, beware of dangers!)

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