There Was Nothing To Do, His Life Was Ending, But A Few Words Changed Everything

A little girl gave an example of life when she was running out of time.

His chances were slim, only 20 percent told him the doctors had to survive, little Abby Furco, barely four years old. The road was hard for Abby’s family, not only because of what was happening to their daughter but because they moved for six years from one state to another in order to go to the hospital. By 2013 Abby had recovered, she could do anything a kid that age wanted.

Everything was happiness until a year later the disease returned and with more force. The girl couldn’t move because if she tried it would hurt tremendously. She could only move her mouth a little to communicate. In 2015 she had a bone marrow transplant, but her body rejected her, a year later she was collapsing. The doctors were very clear “he only had 48 hours to live.” After this she was discharged so that she could go home and spend the last hours with her family. Suddenly something happened that nobody expected, Abby opened her eyes and with a lot of work whispered: «I have a lot to live for». They no longer provided her treatment, the fight was between her and death. So the days passed, turning into weeks and then into months in which he began to have more strength until he was able to walk. No doctor could explain what happened.

Many times science has not been able to explain these types of situations that some call “miracles”, but it is well known that they do occur and more frequently than skeptical people think. But to achieve anything, only three fundamental things are necessary:

1. Faith

One of the most hackneyed words that are part of the common vocabulary, although almost no one knows its meaning, much less applies it properly. Derived from the Latin “fides”, it allows to name what a person believes in. At the same time it refers to a feeling of certainty and the positive concept of a person or thing.

2. Hope

It has its Latin derivation ´esperare´ which means to wait. Some people see it as a state of mind, a feeling or even a value that is not always applied correctly, but as one more word, without fully focusing on the positive, on faith. This is only used when something is required, and therefore it is not applied well.

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3. Quantum physics

This refers to the fact that the mind of each person is what really shapes everything that is received. The Mathematical Physicist Dr. Alan Wolf, affirms that “quantum physics begins to indicate this discovery. It says that you cannot have a universe without the mind entering it, that the mind in fact shapes everything that we receive ”, in the film written by Rhonda Byrne, based on the school of thought and previous works of William Atkinson .

4. Law of attraction

This law consists of the energy that each individual has, which works as if it were a magnet. If a person concentrates his thought on something specific, be it getting a better job, improving health, starting a business, etc., he can achieve it since thought works as an energy that has a magnetic power to attract what he wants.

Well they say that the future is forged by everyone, it is only a matter of visualizing what you want, wanting it with all your strength to be able to achieve it. You already have the formula to do it, it is just a matter of focusing one hundred percent to achieve your goal. Start now!

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