There Are Parents Who Do Not Know Whether To Inject It Into Their Children. But In Doing So, Their Lives Change Completely

After watching news and newspapers, it seems impossible to inject it into your children. But if you do, they will thank you forever.

How to teach my children to be optimistic? Why should you help them to be positive? Optimism at home and the importance of facing the tragedy with optimism take on paramount importance after the reports offered by the news and newspapers, so heavy. Although you may wonder if it is possible to be optimistic. The truth is that it is possible to do it, and there are important advantages to teaching this principle to your children. Because optimism is enough to modify lives and circumstances for the better, inject optimism into your children and watch their lives change.

I was recently talking to my children about some tragedies and natural disasters. One of them asked me, “When are bad things going to stop happening?” At that moment I realized that a duty we have, as parents, is to teach our children to face what the future holds not with fear or negativity, but with faith and optimism. If a similar experience has happened to you, and you would like to transmit safe and positive feelings to your children, I share four advantages that explain why it is worth spending your time teaching them to be optimistic:

1. Optimistic people develop faith and hope

If our children learn, from an early age, that they must have faith and hope that any trial, no matter how painful, serves to teach us some valuable lesson, they will be able to face any situation with optimism and understanding. A good way to get them to see this could include a conversation about a recent natural disaster or news that directly affects you as a family, and make a clear distinction between positives and negatives. This practice is very likely to motivate you as a family to more readily identify blessings as contrasted with sorrows or miseries. By doing so, you will see how your ties with your children are strengthened.

2. Optimistic people understand the importance of having a clear conscience

For families facing any kind of trial, obedience to temporal and eternal laws is a great blessing. For example, if your family has received a very difficult challenge (a terminal illness, natural disaster or the death of a loved one) and they are people who comply with the laws of the country where they live, they are good people with their neighbors and they strive to having moral ethics, they could express gratitude for these positive aspects. Having a clear conscience before God and our neighbor brings comfort that whatever happens, we can face it with their help.

3. Optimistic people are committed in all their affairs

In these times when it is common to find people who do not keep their word or do not complete their commitments on time, we can make a difference by teaching our children to be optimistic and committed to their obligations, from the foundation of a well-founded home.

4. Optimistic people understand that although they cannot change people or events, they can modify their circumstances and decisions to influence the environment in which they live.

Although there are conditions that we cannot change, such as weather forecasts, health conditions, unemployment, actions of others (to participate in violent acts) or unexpected deaths, we can teach our children to modify the circumstances that affect them. surround. This is possible by being optimistic. For example, teaching them to be good citizens and models of righteousness for other people. In addition, we can prepare them to accept what they have to face with courage, determination and firmness, in order to leave the regret towards determination and improvement.

These four advantages, added to the reality that all good feelings are contagious, will be valuable to you, because the more they learn them at home, the more likely they will be to teach, in turn, other classmates at school, and even encourage some friend that needs to be strengthened. And, as author Martha Martínez put it, all adversity “can be painful, but it will bring us strength and polish our spirits” if we are optimistic.

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