Theology Of An Employee Of God. Or How To Do Social Justice As An Entrepreneur

This article aims to give you a series of tools so that from your company you can contribute to a more equitable and just world, because you know that everything you have comes from God.

Inequality climbs the walls, and inscribes its pain in the body of those who die of hunger every day in the world. The pockets of the 85 rich have as much money as 3.570 million poor people in this world.

  • 842 million people suffer from hunger, while 85 have so much that they will not have enough life to spend it. 60 percent of these hungry people are women and 200 million are children under the age of five.

  • 774 million people are illiterate.

  • 260 million children do not attend school.

  • 880 million do not have access to health care services.

  • One billion people do not have adequate housing.

  • 2 billion people do not have access to electricity.

  • 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation facilities.

  • More than 1.2 billion human beings do not have access to safe water.

  • 250 million children – ages 5 to 14 – work as laborers.

  • 1.2 billion adults are unemployed.

These social differences cause me nausea, anger, frustration, impotence and, as a Christian, they challenge me. Christians around the world also disagree on which paths to take; We can go from Christian socialism to the prosperity gospel. The latter seems amoral to me, because it serves to fill the pockets of more than one religious leader; promotes that our Eternal Father is a kind of Santa Claus who supplies our wishes, “Father, I ask you for the Mercedes Benz, and don’t forget the house in Punta del Este, please, because it’s hot in Montevideo.” Nor is it about hating the rich man and going out on the streets causing a massacre.

Neoliberal policies have reduced social and union rights to nothing. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank subjugate poor countries with their economic policies, which do nothing but keep them submerged in misery.

The clock rings, it is time to go to work, your employees are going to mark a card, while, within you, you know that love and fidelity to Christ go through commitment and social action. As you go to your desk you wonder what you can do to contribute to equality and eradicate so much injustice; let me give you some ideas:

Do not have employees outside the legal framework

It is a temptation not to pay taxes and everything the state demands, but fighting poverty transcends all the most fervent desires for social justice and equity that you can say from the pulpit. By generating legal guarantees, you protect and forge opportunities to expose the creative power that each employee has to get ahead. You will make them feel protected in the event of a work accident, pregnancy, illness or leave.

Do not adulterate what you offer

Be honest and take care of those who will use your product; but, at the same time, watch over your employees, follow quality, hygiene and health standards.

Generates knowing

This is perhaps the strongest tool you can give your employees: train them, allow them to train, encourage attendance at seminars and training courses; which will also improve your company.

Share what you got

Grant interest bonuses or incentives based on the results achieved; rewards punctual attendance, employee zero absence or of the month, increased production. In this way you will be giving something more than a salary, you will give what you have.

Let the power circulate

Do not make decisions alone, allow your employees to participate in decisions in those areas in which they are trained. Live the principle of subsidiarity that Christ established when trying to feed a multitude: he had the power to perform the miracle; however, it involved Felipe, and then Andrés decided to participate and showed up with a boy who had five loaves and two fish; In this way, he allowed his disciples to see that we can all participate in the resolutions, giving each one from where he knows and can.

Remember that the “Christian entrepreneur” idea so popular these days is an invention of prosperity theology. What is real is that you are a Christian whose job it is to run a business, and you know within yourself that you are God’s employee. He is the one who has called you, through your company, to be a participant in the creation and redemption of men, through the fruit of his hands.

Do not forget that you are one of the thousands who will be able to eradicate social injustice, every time when looking at one of your employees you see him as a brother.

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