The Weight Of Your Children At Birth Indicates If They Will Suffer From The Disease Known As Fatty Liver As They Grow Up, According To Science

Know the risks,

All the organs of the body are equally important and all are formed during pregnancy, but there are some that show that, depending on the weight of the newborn, they could determine the health condition of a person for the rest of his life. This is affirmed by some health specialists, the clear example that we want to show you below is the one that happens in the liver, applied in cases of high and low weight newborns.

If you want to find out all the information, well then, keep reading it because we assure you that it will be very useful for you or anyone who wants to get pregnant in the near future, do not go unnoticed!

Can low or high birth weight determine that the liver is fatty?

Well as you read it, this was published by the study conducted by the University of California School of Medicine, the results of the research were included in the “Journal of Pediatrics” in its April 2017 issue.

What does the study reveal?

Dr. Jeffrey Schwimmer, professor of pediatrics at the aforementioned university, was the one who conducted the research and concluded that “newborns with high or low birth weight are associated with problems with fatty liver but in different ways.” Regarding this, he added that: “babies who have low birth weight, on many occasions, are linked to problems related to liver scarring; Newborns with high birth weight can develop the fatty liver form of hepatitis. ‘

It should be mentioned that some of the factors that can develop this condition in babies have to do with the history of diseases to which it is susceptible on the mother’s side, but also the formation it had in the uterus during pregnancy.

Something that the researcher adds is that “in both cases the extremes are not the most appropriate and both are directly connected to increasing the condition of being able to have fatty liver”, he also indicated that “also, in both situations, one should put a strict observation since low and high birth weights are candidates for obesity, fatty liver and diabetes in the most extreme cases ».

And how was this result reached?

The study procedure was quite extensive, 530 children who were under 21 years of age were studied, who, after having had a biopsy done, had been determined to have the condition of fatty liver, later the file was recovered from their file the weight they had registered at birth and then compared with the tables of population distribution in the United States.

It is important to note that in the United States, fatty liver is a disease that affects about 30 million people, of which 10% are children. Most are detected this condition at approximately 12 years of age.

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