The Videoblogs: A New World Within Reach Of Your Children

Get to know one of the many hobbies of your children: videoblogs. Control what they consume and help them enjoy them in a healthy way.

A vast virtual world opens up before your eyes, or better yet, before the eyes of your children, and is just a click away. Exactly, the internet offers a thousand ways of entertainment, how to use it depends on the user, their tastes and passions. In this case, it is important that you know a -relatively- new form of entertainment that your child can have access to and this is the interesting fashion of videoblogs (vlogs or vilogs).

To make matters short, a video blog is a gallery of videos organized chronologically for a purpose that depends on the author of the video gallery. There are of several types; videogame review blogs, literary blogs where youth books are discussed, there are also those that tell horror stories, there are also those aimed at young women about makeup, fashion or lifestyle; The options are many and interesting, but not all of them are recommended for all children or young people.

Children and young people are highly influential, I know what I’m talking about. My 7-year-old nephew, like every child in this hyper modern and technological era, was born with a built-in “chip” to handle electronic devices out of nowhere, he just needs to have it in his hands and that’s it. Since a while now, he has developed a strong interest in gameplay videos, (video game reviews) it’s simple, grab the tablet, search YouTube and have the entrance to a universe saturated with the videos you want, the game you want and I could spend whole days immersed in that world. It is here where my sister gets her hands on the matter, although she has been paying attention to what my nephew sees and controls each of his steps, she intervenes at the right moment to get him out of there and have a real active and family life.

The Internet in the hands of a child or adolescent can be a time bomb; the content is sometimes not that healthy, the words are too harsh and abrupt, and if we add that children absorb everything they hear and imitate everything they see because they believe it is the right thing to do, that’s when parents or responsible adults in the family must intervene and set clear rules about it.

What’s interesting about videob logs?

Well, it is a good hobby seen from the point of view of a young man who enjoys sharing his experiences, likes for books, fashion or video games, that is in the case that your teenager chooses to be a producer of his own videos and not a recipient of the same. As always, it is important to know what type of information you share with your audience, because in one way or another, you will be part of a small-big world where you will be seen and recognized by some of your followers or subscribers, at some point in your life. young life. And as I said at the beginning of this article, care must be taken with what children and young people consume, because not all the exposed material is good, educational or correct for their age.

Rules and Why?

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In addition to the points that I have just mentioned, the cases of violence caused by video games or by material consumed through the internet and even by some youth films are not far off and are not inventions or effects of the fantasy of someone who has nothing better than do. We have all seen on the news some massacres in schools in the USA, where elementary and secondary school children have been innocent victims of young people altered not only by their family problems, but, influenced by technology, commit heinous acts and after that, they kill themselves.

The technology is not bad, the bad thing happens when a minor is allowed inappropriate and unsupervised use of the products it offers. It is in your hands to take care of your family, do not let school, friends or the media be the ones in charge of raising and educating your children. It is your responsibility, if you do not assume it, your family will be affected and will suffer the consequences of bad decisions.

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