The Very Dangerous Game That Children Are Playing These Days And That Adults Must Stop

One point, two, three or ten? How much is the life and happiness of our children worth? How many children must kill themselves for adults to do something for real?

When I was a child, and smartphones did not exist, I remember that we passed a piece of paper folded into a tiny square in which there was a question: Do you like me? That was our version of texting. Below the question there was a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ and you had to cross out the correct answer.

An ‘innocent’ game that, analyzing it today, was a way of measuring how many people in the classroom liked us; a way of measuring our popularity, in a way.

Years later, in a conversation with my best friend, the mother of a 14-year-old teenager, she told me that her son had decided to deactivate his Facebook account. Surprised, I asked her why, and she replied: «because of a ridiculous game that these boys now use in which they take a photo (a selfie) and the others must give it a score from one to ten, depending on how physically attractive they are. appear ».

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At that time I did not give it importance, and I just thought that today’s youth no longer know what to invent to distract themselves.

A couple of days ago, my almost 11-year-old daughter came home crying from school. The children had given her too low scores and in her innocence, this had hurt her. “It is better not to know if others think you are beautiful or not, it is better not to know that everyone thinks I am ugly,” she told me through tears, and there I understood that we must stop this, that it is a time bomb.

At that moment I thought … what if we as adults, would do the same at work. If one day we arrive, we take a selfie and then our co-workers tell us if our physical appearance is worth one point, two, three or ten. Most likely it would end in complete chaos.

This game must stop

The organization Do Something presents alarming statistics that show how affected the self-esteem of children between 10 and 17 years old is. Among middle and high school students, 44% of girls and 15% of boys are trying to lose weight; 70% of girls avoid going out in public if they don’t feel like they look good; 75% of girls with low self-esteem use negative behaviors such as cutting themselves, bullying, use of tobacco, alcohol and eating disorders.

“Seven out of ten girls think they are not good enough compared to the others. This includes the way they look, their school performance and their relationships with family and friends, ”explains the Do Something report .

This is not an innocent game

Sadly, as innocent as this game may sound, it is not. The great need that these children have to feel that they belong to a place, to a group, to a school, blinds them and drives them to destructive behaviors.

Nobody should be judged in a photo, however it is something that is happening at this very moment, and maybe someone close to you. It is our responsibility to teach our children where their true worth lies and how what others think of their appearance should be of no value.

“I posted on my son’s wall that what they were doing was wrong, that no one should decide the value of another person in a public space, or anywhere, as if it were an auction,” my friend shared about your reaction to the game your child was playing.

As a mother I thought that I would not have done the same, that it would have harmed my daughter. However, this child, through the action of his mother, gained the respect of all those children in his class who hated the game, but did not dare to speak.

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“It is not child’s play, it is the responsibility of adults”

That was a comment from one of our readers to the [post about the death of Danny, a 13-year-old boy who decided to take his own life after not being bullied by his peers because of his weight.

It is our responsibility to teach them until our mouths go dry from explaining so much; It is our responsibility to lead them by example, without classifying the other people we see out there; it is our responsibility to let them know that they do belong, that we are there to love them unconditionally.

How many more children must take their own lives for us to really take action?

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