“the Treadmill Can Injure You”, Reason Or Excuse For Not Exercising And Its Benefits?

The myth about the treadmill is false. Using the electric treadmill can benefit you more than you think.

There are people who think that a treadmill can cause problems for your legs, so they prefer to do it on the street, however they cannot always do it because they depend on several factors to do it, thus preventing them from exercising continuously. Thinking about your health and well-being, I present some benefits of using an electric treadmill.

The surface

The fact that it has a completely flat surface is of great help to be able to exercise more safely, since an irregular surface (where there are stones, gravel, sand) can suffer an accident (patellar tendinitis, fibrillar strain or rupture, Iliotibial band syndrome or plantar fasciitis), on the other hand you will be safer on the treadmill.

Machine functions

The treadmill has several useful options such as speed, incline, pulse, calories burned, time and distance traveled, a safety button that you can put on your clothes for any emergency. A place to put a container with water, and another space to put other things that you may need while you exercise.


Exercising in the street can sometimes be dangerous and annoying because you should find an area where you can run that has a flat surface preferably, where you do not have to deal with dogs and cars, preferably near your home for any inconvenience that may arise and where I am not alone so as not to be unprotected.

Constant velocity

The device has a certain speed that you can change according to your needs. The functions panel of the treadmill has several programs that you can use to do your routines in a variable way. In it, you don’t have to worry about seeing if you’re accidentally altering your rhythm. The machine has a certain rhythm that reduces the forces of the impact, avoiding injuries to the lower extremities.

Helps back

There is also the false idea that walking on the band can harm your back, however it is the opposite since it is a safer and softer way to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, therefore it helps to improve the health of bones, reduces excess weight and stimulates the brain by releasing hormones.

You can supervise yourself

If you are exercising in a gym, mirrors are usually placed in front or to the sides, which helps you to be checking your jog all the time, something that you could not do on the street, as is that your tread is even (your foot should not step crooked) every time your foot makes contact with the band, your posture, that you go straight, and if not, you have the opportunity to correct it and avoid any injury.

Seize the day

IF you have a treadmill at home you can use it and do something else at the same time, you can listen or watch the news, watch a program you like or put on a movie, now that if you prefer you can record the music of your choice and listen to it, wait for it finish the washing machine or cook the food, in short, you can combine the activities at your convenience to make the most of your time.

As you can see, the treadmill has many benefits, among its defects there is one mainly that can be boring because you are not outdoors but otherwise it is highly recommended. Do not think about it any more, put aside the excuses and encourage yourself to improve your health.

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