The Tragic End Of This Mother At The Hands Of Her Ex-boyfriend Shakes A Society And Warns About What To Do When There Is Domestic Violence

He did not get to put the restraining order, he went ahead and carried out his threats; Let’s fight so that there is NOT ONE more.

When you are the mother of three children and you are alone, and your ex-partner threatens you, and you do not know what to do, or how to protect your children, out of fear, you are being a victim of gender violence.

The tragedy

On June 6 of this year, around 3:45 PM, Memorez Rackley from Sandy, Utah, along with his two sons, ages 6 and 9, were walking home from school, and were stopped by Jeremy Paterson, the former Memorez’s boyfriend, as reported by Fox 13.

A woman in her car with her daughter, came to rescue her, freeing herself from Jeremy, by getting into the vehicle of this good Samaritan. But Jeremy was determined to carry out the threats that this mother had fearfully reported to the police for the past few months.

Jeremy again reached the vehicle that was transporting Memorez and his children, got in front of them, and began to shoot, his bullets fatally hit Memorez and his 6-year-old son, he also managed to injure the 9-year-old boy and daughter of this good woman who was helping him. Jeremy Paterson ended his life also at the time of the events.

A tragedy foretold

Apparently this story lasted only 6 months. The relationship from the beginning was very controlled by him, to the point that she hid Jeremy’s presence from her acquaintances. As soon as she decides to break up with him is when Jeremy’s behavior escalates; he begins to follow her, send her threatening texts, and constant phone calls. To such an extent that Memorez denounces it to the police, a statement that was recorded, and exposed in the media.

In that call, Memorez clearly explains and details how she is being persecuted and harassed by this person. She expresses the fear and insecurity she feels, especially for her children.

The policeman in charge advises moving to a friend’s house, to which she replies that she already did, but the person in question, bothered and followed her friend as well, finally asks her, if she wants to put a restraining order, to which she requests to wait until next week, as she was afraid that this will generate more anger in him.

Memorez never managed to place this order because he anticipated committing what was “announced”.

The family of 39-year-old Memorez Rackley says it is “heartbroken” by the events that led to her and her 6-year-old son’s death.


Posted by KUTV 2News on  Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Everyone’s question now, could this tragedy be prevented?

After this unfortunate event and through the media, acquaintances, friends and family ask, how did it happen? And the police did nothing

There are plenty of questions, all are pointed out, but at the same time responsibility is released. The law cannot do much in these cases, since the person is the one who must request or file a complaint, but we know that a woman who suffers from gender violence will never do so precisely out of fear.

Gender violence

Although this concept can be applied to other situations, it generally boils down to violence against women, including threats, domination, or emotional and physical control.

According to an article published by Concept, he defines this concept as “aggressive acts are carried out on a person only because of their gender.”

The actions that we consider violent are all those that negatively affect a person’s identity, sexuality and reproductive freedom, physical and mental health and social well-being.

A woman who is emotionally or physically abused, is usually afraid to report, feels emotionally and financially disabled from the abuser, creating a dependency.

The constant disqualification through insults and degrading comments towards the person form a base of lack of self-esteem, further reinforcing the unhealthy relationship. It can be said that in general there are two types of women who are more predisposed to being abused:

  • Those who love too much:

They are women who were given inadequate responsibilities for their age, they only know how to give, and when something goes wrong they feel that they did not give their best, thus creating a vicious circle with the other person.

  • Those that were overprotected:

They cannot be independent so they look for a “strong” man to take care of and protect them.

Other conditions such as low self-esteem, strict social values, traditional ideas about the role of men and women, and affective deficiencies.

Sometimes we have to experience an extreme situation so that life shakes us and we react, this story is unfortunate, but it will be worse if we do not do anything to become aware of this problem that affects many women. That is why I wrote this article, and you, what can you do?

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