The Surprising Unique Things That Happen To Your Stomach, Skin And Hair When You Break Up With Your Partner, According To Science

It is said that when the breakup happens, the heart is the organ that suffers the most, but is that true? Find out about everything that happens in your body when they say goodbye!

Men and women at least once in their lives have gone through a love breakup. Some several times, by the way, but on each of those occasions, our body reacts in different ways, so knowing those reactions is important to not worry about more and to take care of your health and personal well-being.

Let me tell you that the longer a relationship has lasted, the more noticeable and intense the body’s chemical reactions become. It is not the same to go out with someone for a month, than to have shared years or a whole life with a partner. In addition, the body reacts differently when it is you who breaks up with the partner, than when it is you who they say goodbye to.

In the first case, when ending a relationship that drowned you or where you were no longer happy, you will simply feel a lot of rest and your body will show it. Many will tell you that you look very good, maybe you even lost weight and that you look happy. The difficult thing comes when you still love, when you were engaged and something happens suddenly, that makes you, from one day to the next, stay alone. Back then, your body could react in the following ways:


Contrary to popular belief, the heart is not the organ most committed to emotions, it is your stomach. The death of the “butterflies in the stomach” usually causes pain, heartburn and nausea.

Given this, do not stop eating at your own time and forget to do it out of anxiety or sadness. Breathe, drink water, and don’t stop paying attention to any swelling or discomfort that begins to appear.


When breaking with the couple, sadness and abandonment are experienced, and its consequences are immediately reflected in the skin: it becomes dry. Yes, it’s that simple. Water is your salvation, so stay hydrated and prefer fresh juices, there are delicious combinations that also provide you with vitamins that will help you revive yourself. Vitamin E is excellent and if you are over 30, collagen can be very helpful.


Have you heard of the dreaded alopecia? Specifically, the so-called alopecia areata, it is a hair problem that women suffer when they go through long periods of stress. Their hair falls out by entire strands, and trust me, it’s terrible!

So calm down, ending a love relationship doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If your body is exhibiting one of these post-breakup manifestations, do something for yourself. Beware! You will look beautiful and soon that ideal man will come into your life.

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