The Silence Made His Mother Go To See If Her Son Was Up To Mischief; The Image He Captured Travels The World Filling Us With Tears

It is impossible to see the image without breaking your heart …

If you are a mother you will know very well that when you do not hear any noise it is because they are surely doing some mischief. This is what a mother of two young boys thought, who captured with her camera to photograph a unique moment between siblings, the moment in which the older brother comforts his younger brother with words and caresses. The photo may be more common than you think, however it has a special component: the baby has terminal cancer and her older brother was calming her down.

On her blog, Sheryl Blanksby, better known as “Ms. Chikee »recounts that her youngest son, Thomas, was diagnosed with cancer at 11 weeks of age. Today almost 3 weeks have passed since that fatal diagnosis and the little one is still fighting. Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor (MRT) is extremely aggressive, attacks the kidneys and central nervous system, and is usually found in children under two years of age.

A rainbow baby

Thomas arrived months after Sheryl lost a pregnancy in 2015. The term “rainbow baby” is used to refer to babies who arrive after a miscarriage. This mother details on her blog the grief she feels knowing that she will soon lose another child again. “The irony of life has hit my family so hard and nothing makes sense anymore,” she wrote on March 4 on her website. ” It feels like yesterday when I wrote about giving birth to our ‘Rainbow Baby’ Thomas and here I am writing about his impending death.”

The photo that went viral

Ago days ago Sheryl noticed that everything was very quiet. She thought her eldest son William was doing some mischief with her little brother. However, what she found squeezed her heart. Lying on an armchair, William hugged his little brother and whispered in his ear “Kuya (older brother) is here, everything is fine.” The love between these brothers is so strong that it will break through the physical barriers. Undoubtedly that little baby will leave this earth soon but she will know that she had an angel on earth who cared for her and felt her faithful protector. William knows that his brother will soon die, and is always attentive to comfort him when he cries, and helps his parents in any way he can by seeing them so sad.

Bear an impending loss

Her mother looks her baby in the eye and can’t help but burst into tears. On her blog, she writes, “ I can’t even begin to describe the pain I feel every time I look at her beautiful face. My heart breaks for every big smile she gives me because I know how much I’m going to miss her when she’s gone, and when you think my heart can’t take it anymore, it breaks even more when she looks at me suffering from pain. For this mother, and for any mother, her life’s dream is to see her two children healthy and happy. I can imagine what it must feel like to know that soon you will no longer be able to carry him.

Family friends created a fundraising page on GoFundMe to alleviate their parents’ suffering a little and so they can spend the best quality time with their children. God have in his glory this beautiful baby and his older brother, who with his gesture of love and protection showed his attitudes typical of a superhero.

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