The Secret You Should Know About All Successful Couples

Discover the secrets of couples who love each other forever.

While they were enjoying a romantic dinner, he knelt in front of her and at the same time he showed her a beautiful engagement ring he asked her, do you want to marry me? In a matter of seconds and with a smile from ear to ear, she hugged him with all her strength and replied: yes I would love it.

That was the beginning of my grandparents’ love story, a marriage that lasted 50 years. Now they are no longer present on earth, but I am sure they continue to love each other eternally.

Thanks to the wise advice of my grandmother, today I enjoy my marriage to the fullest, struggling to have an eternal relationship with my husband.

For that reason I want to share their secrets with you so that they can serve as a guide in your relationship.

The secrets to having an eternal marriage

  1. Love commitment

Getting married is a commitment that is acquired legally and spiritually, having the conviction of wanting to stay the rest of your life with your loved one, no matter what happens and overcoming every obstacle.

My husband and I are convinced that to have a true commitment, maturity is required, to feel the magic within one, which motivates you to fight against everything to be happy.

  1. Respect above all

Talking about respect is a very broad topic, however, it can be exemplified with just one action “to provide the place to your partner always and in any circumstance.”

It is about not insulting each other, not hiding your relationship from others, walking through the streets holding hands, not provoking any kind of absurd jealousy among other things.

  1. Eternal friends

Who can know you better than your partner? He knows almost everything about you, loves you and accepts you with your defects and virtues, even sacrifices some things to please you, thinking about your well-being.

For a marriage to be successful, your partner must be your best friend. They must support each other, listen to each other, solve problems, among other things.

  1. Assertive communication

I am a faithful witness that good communication overcomes any conflict in the couple. When you stop making assumptions and speak out about your needs, feelings, ideas, and emotions, your relationship will last.

There is nothing more pleasant to feel the full confidence to express yourself with your partner, to talk about everything you think, whether good or bad. Even to make constructive criticism to be able to have a peaceful coexistence.

  1. Breaking the routine

Routine is something that weakens marriages, however, it can be overcome with demonstrations of love, escaping from time to time from obligations and taking time to share as a couple, it is the secret for love to be eternal.

For example, my husband and I usually go to the movies, walk on the beach, watch series lying in bed for a whole day of rest, we cook, we even give ourselves a surprise from time to time, and so on.

Enjoy your marriage and live it to the fullest here in your present without thinking about an uncertain future!





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