The Secret For You And Your Husband To Have An Privacy Of 10

Enriching the sexual life in marriage is not shameless, nor a reason for shame. Therefore, I share with you the secret to having a sexuality of 10 with your partner.

Women and men are very concerned about having a pleasant intimacy, both for us and for our partner. And in that eagerness we listen to each other when the subject comes up with the intention of getting information that may be useful to us. We spend on products that promise to become professionals in the lovemaking arts, however, the truth is that it does not require as much effort.

We believe that certain physical characteristics are sufficient to guarantee the interest and pleasure of our other half but, although it helps, let me tell you that love, even carnal love, is not as superficial as it seems. And personalized attention will always be much more pleasant than those mass productions that do not transmit anything.

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All we need to become a 10-year-old lover is ourselves. The difference is whether or not we are willing to exploit it. And since I consider you my friend and confidant, dear reader, allow me to share some of the ideas I have about it. Yes, surely you already paid attention to other tips, but give me the opportunity to tell you about mine.

The characteristics of the best lovers

1. I wish

Let’s start with the obvious, the first thing that is required to enjoy something is to want to enjoy it. So if you are there, but it turns out that you think you have better places to be, then walk away, because nothing good comes out when things are not done with passion and dedication. When we think of the best night of our lives, it always includes wanting, really wanting.

2. Knowledge

Next comes another important factor. Know what we like and what our partner likes. A professional doesn’t get to be like that out of nowhere; someone expert in any subject requires first of all to be familiar with the matter at hand. The connoisseurs always ask questions, analyze reactions, know the results and make the best decisions to achieve success.

3. Time

And what about dedication, someone who gives an exclusive service knows that it takes time. For example, girls, has it happened to you that you go to the hairdresser, pay a millionaire and the stylist gets rid of you in a couple of minutes? I don’t know what they think, but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. At least a little massage on the scalp, a little chat, to gain confidence. If we are already going to make the expense, it may be worth it.

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4. Win-win

It is not just about the needs and interests of one, any relationship needs both of you to feel that they are winning. Otherwise, the feeling that remains is that we were taken advantage of, and that is not good for either party. Besides that it speaks of selfishness and little interest. Be very careful with the message you are sending.

5. Layout

The arrangement is another important point in privacy. It’s like when you go to a party and you don’t join in the celebration: believe me, no matter how good the gift you brought is, no one is going to enjoy your company. So my recommendation is that you be – as long as you feel comfortable with it. of course – someone ready to have the best possible time.

The secret is not a secret, we are two and as such both count. Sex is often a taboo subject, but one that we must overcome because too much depends on it. Our survival, our health, our state of mind, is even capable of reinforcing the affective bonds with our partner. So if we want to enrich our sexual life through better performance, it is not impudent: it is making love, neither more nor less.

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