The Reflection Of This Mother Has Gone Viral And Is Being Supported By Hundreds Of Women

Being a mother does not mean being a slave to your children and this mother has gone viral for admitting it

Social networks have become a kind of showcase where everyone can freely expose what they think or feel about different topics.

It was in this sense that a few days ago Carmen GMagdaleno, a frequent user of Twitter, managed to go viral, after assuring _that «she is raising her daughter to be independent and that it is important, but not the most important, since she needs space for her too » _, assured the portal

It is that during the last time, mothers have been strongly criticized for taking time for themselves. Against this background, Carmen wanted to show that it is not a crime for a woman to want to carry out other activities or to seek moments of relaxation away from her work as a mother. And he said the following: «I make sure that my daughter knows that I enjoy free time without her, explaining to her that I need leisure of my own to part of the family, that I have more vital objectives than taking care of her. (…) Taking good care of our daughters and sons is to let them know that they are important, but NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT thing », begins the letter that he published in several tweets (messages of 140 characters that allow Twitter to be broadcast on his platform)

“Mom loves to be with you but she also likes her job or going out with her friends’, That is the message to educate independent women”, she adds and clarifies that “of course we have to take care and worry about some people who are not worth by themselves. That implies sacrifice most of the time, but not martyrdom.

Logically the message generated controversy, as many women felt identified with these lines, while others made it clear that they do not share the vision of this mother.

However, we must acknowledge that there are certain mistakes that a woman cannot make once she becomes a mother, but the one that is definitely not allowed is: FORGETTING YOURSELF.

So even if you don’t have much time, please don’t allow yourself the following:

Forget about makeup

I’m not saying that you go out every day wearing makeup as if you were going to the best Hollywood gala, but if you let your children see, that mom also needs to get ready before going out.



If we want future generations to be independent and strong, we must let them know how to do it. And one of the ways is NOT to postpone dreams, or goals.

Stop dressing well

It is true that all mothers go a little crazy every time we see something beautiful for our children, but we must also remember that the body changes once it gives birth and that it is not an option to continue wearing that old cowboy (jeans) maternal for 10 more years.

Stop hanging out with friends

No one can isolate himself in order to raise children. In fact, it takes several hands to educate one. Do not stop visiting your friends, give yourself permission to have some meetings with them to discuss different topics, laugh heartily and free yourself from daily stress.

Never forget that before you became a mother, you were a woman and that your children need a happy, fulfilled mother who is not subjected to a daily ordeal at home.

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