The Overwhelming Perfection Of Social Media

Many believe that other people’s lives are “perfect” compared to their own, from what they see on social media. To have a better experience on social networks, allow me to make the following recommendations.

Today, with the mass media and especially now, in the era of social networks, we are often overwhelmed by so much information that we receive, so extensive, varied and from so many sources. However, I think that what causes great concern for many people in relation to this “excess of information” is comparing their lives with this “excess of perfection.”

Perfection in the media

Since there are mass media that show perfect female bodies, perfect mothers, perfect marriages and families, perfect professions and, in short, perfect lives, sometimes we think that our life is not good or happy enough.

What is difficult for us to understand is that there is no perfection in any area of ​​life. If magazines or advertisements show us women with sculptural bodies, for example, it is because the sales technique requires an extraordinarily attractive visual element. Which does not mean that this woman is healthy or happy, that she has a balanced life or a full love relationship. If you’ve put so much effort and dedication into your figure, maybe you’ve had to neglect other important aspects of your life.

Perfection on social media

But what about our social networks? Something very similar. The memories and happy moments that we used to share through printed photo albums, which took several weeks and even months to fix, are now shared massively throughout the cyber world, in a matter of seconds. As in the past, we choose the most beautiful moments and save the bad ones. This leads to the misconception that perhaps other people’s lives are “perfect” compared to ours.

My personal experience

I have found a very satisfying experience with social media and with being able to write articles for different websites, including my own. There are some circumstances in my life that allow me to make this virtual reality an opportunity to express myself, to unburden myself and to make use of my skills, among them, the taste for reading and writing simple ideas and anecdotes. The fact of having a large and growing family fills me with inspiration, experiences and experiences that I can later turn into texts. On the other hand, being involved in a beautiful apostolate that allows us to help other people as a family is also a source of experiences to share, which also gives me the opportunity to put into action my knowledge of communication, editing, translation and voice over, between many other things.

For all the above, and with the idea of ​​helping you have a better experience with the excess of communication in which we live and specifically with social networks, I allow myself to make the following recommendations.

1. Nobody is perfect

Before feeling overwhelmed, jealous, or less happy than others when you find perfect social media posts, think about the following: No one is perfect! The images of happiness that you see of other people, were chosen from many options and embellished with filters.

Relee: Trade envy for admiration.

2. We all have difficult times

The fact of not sharing them does not mean that the lives of others are absolutely happy or better than yours.

3. Social media can hurt us

Going in to see Facebook posts can be compared to going to a fair full of happy children and families. Think about this: when you feel sad or tired, when you are going through a difficult test in life, the last place you want to go is to a fair, right? Why enter social networks to contemplate the happiness of others, then? There are times in life when we must avoid them.

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4. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

I recently created an album on my social networks called “Life is a beautiful chaos”, in which I share the beautiful imperfections of my life as a mom. In this compilation of images you can see how messy life is when there are young children in a family, who are constantly on the move and eager to explore the world. In them you can see our Christmas tree fallen for the third time, the amount of toys that I have to pick up from the floor several times a day, the cereal thrown around the kitchen, the works of art that my children make and that end up staining the walls. and rugs, the energy that sometimes ends in fighting and screaming, etcetera (by the way, our seasonal photos together with a fallen and illuminated Christmas tree were beautiful). Does the endless work that results from having four terrific kids make me happy? Not at all! Does it make me happy to see that album full of visual anecdotes and smiles? A lot!

Relee: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Remember: there are no perfect lives, but there are happy lives. Always focus on the good and take advantage of everything positive that social networks offer.

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