The Most Romantic Man In The World? Obama Fills His Social Walls With Messages Of Love For His 24 Years Of Marriage

Would you die of love if your husband posted these messages on his social walls?

Seeing the President of the United States with Michelle, his wife, is like watching a symphony orchestra playing in a theater. There is a certain magic, a certain chemistry that cannot be denied between them. You can tell that they know each other, that they love each other, and that one glance is enough to know what is going through the mind and heart of the other.

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The Obamas have completed nothing more and nothing less than 24 years together as husband and wife, a not inconsiderable number, especially if we consider that the common denominator is divorce, and not long unions.

What makes this marriage last? This can help yours

1. President Obama takes the time

Dancing through 24 years. Happy Anniversary.

Posted by Barack Obama on  Monday, October 3, 2016

Even being the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world, President Obama understands something very simple, which not all of us can see with that clarity: Love requires your time.

In the midst of his busy schedule, Obama stopped his presidential watch and invited Michelle to dance with him in the main hall of the White House. His wife agreed, they both took a few minutes and their love grew a million light years.

Many couples fail to believe that there are relationships that work without any problem, with neither of them having to do anything. This is a lie.

All relationships need care, time, work, effort, and sacrifice. If you don’t dedicate this to your partner, your marriage won’t last.

2. Show the world how you feel about her

Happy Anniversary. ?

A photo posted by Barack Obama (@barackobama) on Oct 3, 2016 at 12:13 pm PDT

It is true that he is a public figure and that he has advisers for every decision he makes, however, this president has a great personality that makes him shine on his own.

On his anniversary, not only did he take the time to dance with his wife, but he proclaimed to the four winds how he feels about her.

Many couples avoid this step that has become popular and somewhat necessary. When was the last time you used or did your husband use social pages to declare her love for you?

It may sound frivolous or you think that it should remain private, however, numerous studies have shown that couples who show themselves together and express their feelings on social networks, have more opportunities to stay together.

3. Life is difficult, but if we see it as a dance, it is easier

┬źDancing together for 24 years. Happy Anniversary”

A beautiful way to put what marriage is in perspective. Sometimes it steps on you, other times it spins you while you feel you reach the sky. Sometimes you don’t like music, but you have to keep dancing; sometimes others push you on the floor, your hands sweat and your feet hurt, but you keep dancing.

Marriage is not easy, however, as long as you have the love of your life by your side, try to focus on the good to fight against the bad, and if the music continues, you can keep dancing too.

4. The key is ‘together’

Together with each other side by side for 24 years. Let there be many more ┬╗

One of the biggest problems in relationships is when each one begins to pull on their own. After the stage of the ‘honeymoon’ and when we realize that even when we have married, we are still individual people; that’s when we stop being ‘together’.

Together does not mean that we have to renounce ourselves as individual beings, together it means that we will pull towards the same side, that we will be accomplices, that we will be one in purpose.

5. Nobody said it would be easy …

It won’t be easy, but don’t stop dancing while the music continues, which I assure you will be worth it.

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