The Message Of The Magi Of The East Is Still Valid

The Magi from the East make a long journey behind a star, the life of the Christian is a pilgrimage through deserts but at the end of the journey there is a child who surprises us with his beauty and holiness, the least we can do is worship him.

The Gospel of Matthew tells us a surprising fact that we all love since we were children: The visit of the Magi from the East. The biblical readings of this celebration have a great allegorical component and are full of meaning for our lives.

In the Old Testament God makes himself present in the midst of the People of Israel in an incomparably transcendent and powerful way, but later in the New Testament God gives himself to all the peoples of the world, in a very unique way: through his Son who born small and humble.

This message from the Magi from the East, popularly known as the “Magi”. According to ancient traditions they have been named and represented in the mangers by three kings belonging to the three main human races known in antiquity: the white (Melchor), the eastern (Gaspar) and the black (Baltasar). The message of this representation is very clear: the Son of God is born for all humanity.

Thus the Magi who were wise dedicated to observing the sky, discover among so many stars in the sky, that a new one is born. And they wonder:

– Is it not the star that announces the great King expected by the Jews ?

This is how everyone’s questions, doubts and mockery begin: they must be really crazy, make a trip of so many kilometers, invest so much and take all that trouble, to meet an uncertain strange king. Beyond doubts, these men set out on their way, take the camels and leave. Jesus is about a year old but they have no idea about it. They travel through dunes, sandstorms and who knows how many miseries, but they insist on their desire to meet the one who would be King. They stop at how much city they go through and ask, leaving people puzzling in their wake.

Where is the newly born King of the Jews? Because we saw his star in the East and we have come to worship him ».

Herod becomes nervous with the news that reaches his ears. Whoever opposed his reign or was suspected of occupying it should tremble, he has already killed a brother, two of his children, and his beloved wife. A baby is much easier. He consults his own wise men and they tell him according to the prophecy he would be born in Bethlehem of Judah. Herod does not hesitate and asks the Magi:

“Go and find out carefully about the child, and when you have found him, let me know so that I too can pay homage to him.” The Magi continue their journey with hope. Their hearts are pounding and they hurry their steps as the star appears again and stops above a simple house. The manger no longer exists, it is part of the past, a year has passed since the birth of the child. The gospel says:

«When they saw the star they were filled with joy, and when they entered the house, they found the child with Mary, his mother, and prostrating themselves, they paid homage to him. Then, opening their chests, they offered him gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh »

They do not stop to think about the fragility of the child, the adolescent mother, or the poverty of the environment, or that the father is a carpenter. They watch, listen to their hearts and kneel. They adore. And they give the mother for the child, the most beautiful gifts they have been able to give him: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

God warns them through dreams and they decide to leave, leaving Herod with his manias.

What a story that continues to shake our souls. Faith floods the scene. Magicians who know nothing for sure, who follow a star, where people make fun of them, crazy dreamers behind a chimera, but who with faith and boldness undertake the journey. There are so many things we learn from this account:

  • Are you a person who seeks to be wise? The Bible says that wisdom is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, do you look for it when you wake up? Do you read the Scriptures and fill yourself with hidden treasures? Propose to take care of your spiritual formation during this year, readings, at your fingertips (books, magazines, through the internet).

  • What is the star you follow? You have someone close to you who guides and orients you on your way of faith, if you do not have it, I invite you to make an appointment and seek their guidance towards the Lord.

  • Is your faith equal to that of the Magi? Are you able to follow the child even when others laugh? Still in the middle of sandstorms?

  • Is your soul ready to undertake the sacrificial journey and begin the path of the desert and the dryness, or does it weigh you down to leave comfort and security? Leave your fears this year and start the journey, you may find yourself in times of desolation and deserts, but remember who you will meet with a smile …

  • Do you tell everyone in your daily journey that the King of Kings has been born ? Give yourself time, put aside the shame and share your testimony with resolution and joy.

  • It is beautiful to know that Jesus manifests himself to humanity, but that reality is beautiful when you live it intimately. Have you found the Savior? If you have not, look for him within you and listen to his call.

  • Do you adore Him ?: You can do it by singing a praise, reciting a psalm, saying a prayer, doing a day of retreat, pilgrimage to a sanctuary, fasting, serving someone in need.

  • What gift can you offer him? ¿ What a treasure you can give? Think about your gifts and talents and offer them. Remember that love is the greatest of gifts, love and give yourself this year, it is an excellent way to thank the Lord who has manifested himself in the middle of your life.

The Three Kings Day is a special day for children, because of the gifts, may this year be special because the Son of God has manifested in your life and that is the beauty of the gospel, knowing that God is with us. Come on, I invite you to celebrate!

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