The Magic Of Order In Marriage, Family And Home

Maria Montessori is credited with the phrase ” The outer order always leads to the inner order”; hence the order and presentation of the school environment are fundamental keys for her method to impact students for just over a hundred years.

From that time to date, psychologists, pedagogues and therapists have proven that the outside influences us and vice versa. Even more recently, Marie Kendo has amassed a great fortune helping people understand the simple principle of order and apply it to their lives to transform them.

How does ordering the physical space help you?

If you allow me, I would like to share some very simple ideas and recommendations that you can apply now, and start transforming your life and that of those you love.

External change is the first step to achieve deep internal change

You will see that some women cut their hair when they are done with Some relationshipor they start a new stage in their life. For example, I cut my long hair to a very short style when my first baby was born.

All of us, in one way or another, seek to make a “breakthrough” in our lives to help us close a stage and start a new one from scratch. Each end of the year represents that opportunity to leave a cycle behind and start a new one; look for example when someone is about to start a new project, look for a new notebook or just look for a new sheet in their work notebook.

We all need to end something to start something new and better

The physical change becomes a physical reminder of the promises or goals that we have made within ourselves.

When you clean your room you start a great transformation little by little if you allow this wave of change to continue its march. One day it is the bedroom, and the next the kitchen, then the bathroom and that drawer where you keep sad memories, when you least realize it, you will not only be cleaning rooms, but also cleaning your interior.

The outer order promotes inner peace

Being in a clean and tidy place will always make us feel better. When our home is collected, all the members of the family feel welcome, calm and let me tell you, that even the arguments diminish.

Have you experienced that pleasure of sitting and looking at your clean house? It is a very simple example, but it perfectly exemplifies the peace you can experience when looking inside.

It is something inevitable: when you start to put your things in order, you begin to order your interior little by little and that will fill you with tranquility.

The physical environment often affects the way we think and feel

Have you ever seen the TV shows that feature compulsive hoarders? Or do you know any?

Unfortunately, every hoarding story is the story of someone who seeks to fill the emotional voids in his life with objects and the vast majority began when he stopped putting order in his life.

It is said that the level of dirt or disorder that you allow in your things and spaces corresponds to the level of tolerance that you give to dirt or disorder in your private life, your thoughts or behaviors.

At this point we could speak of extremely neat psychopaths or pious men whose rooms were worse than a dunghill. But those, if you notice, are extremes where there is no balance.

In Mexico we have a saying that says: ” Not so much that it burns the saint nor so much that it does not illuminate him .” It is about finding balance in all things, including the order and cleanliness of the home.

If you feel sad or depressed, do some grooming

If you suddenly need to accommodate or clean, do it! Your mind is seeking balance and accommodating is a way to restructure internally. Pay attention to what your mind and body ask of you.

What can you do on a regular basis to promote order in your life?

Clean or tidy up every time you start something, for example:

-the new Year

-the start of classes

-a new job,

-moving house,

-or when starting or ending a stage or relationship.

Get rid of the unnecessary and avoid being an “accumulator in training”

As a rule of thumb, only aim to save things that make you feel good or as it says Kondo: “Things that make you happy”, get the rest out of your life.

The kitchen, bathroom and your bedroom always clean and in order

Cleaning is everyone’s job, so with some organization, keeping the house tidy can be possible. Doing this will give you a good family atmosphere and will avoid a lot of relationship problems, believe me.

Put your life in order

Perhaps this is the most difficult and substantive part regarding order. Think about this: the tolerance that develops when living in disorder and dirt is directly related to the tolerance and acceptance you have towards the wrong, the immoral or the decadent  . Sounds serious right?

That is why we must teach our children to recognize mistakes, assume them, and seek to correct or amend them. There are many who cannot achieve peace on their deathbed because their mistakes or the consequences of these continue to haunt them.

Peace, tranquility and happiness are achieved through the constant effort to keep the course of our life in order and as “clean” or correct as possible. Start by checking your interior and do a “personal cleaning”; You will see that order and well-being are also generated from the inside out.

My last piece of advice, from the heart:

I learned it when my daughters were very young but I still remember with great affection the verse: «House dust can wait, because in my arms I lull my reason to clean»

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