The Endearing Love Of Grandparents

Enjoy your role as a grandmother and make the best of what can be one of the most beautiful times of your life.

One day I asked my mother, who is now a grandmother, the reason why she treats my nephew so differently from how she treated us when we were children. Her answer, which to be honest did not surprise me, was the following: “Daughter, with grandchildren you learn how one should and should not treat their children.” I consider my mother’s response to be very sensible, and here’s why: when a couple becomes parents for the first time, they don’t know the adventure that awaits them.

During the period that the baby completely depends on the parents, the learning process is not one-sided at all: just as the little one learns to eat solids, walk and go to the bathroom, the parents learn the best strategy to get him to sleep and make him eat porridges and vegetables, among other activities. In addition, that time extends, although it seems incredible, throughout life: you never stop being a father. The difference is that responsibilities decrease and experiences with children vary, depending on the area in which they are training and growing.

If you are a grandmother, you know that with the arrival of your grandchildren, your life changed completely: you have been able to fully enjoy the presence of those little ones; You can even grant yourself the privilege of spoiling and pampering them, acts that you restricted yourself when you were the mother of small children. But in addition to that, with the wisdom and experience that the years have given you, you will be able to skillfully advise your children so that they do not make the same mistakes that you made when you were raising them.

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The endearing love of grandparents

In my personal case, I was only able to enjoy my maternal grandmother, for few and short periods throughout the 19 years that I had the pleasure of having her in my life. However, I fondly remember the nights when, awake, she would tell me her stories about her childhood with her siblings, on the farm where she grew up. I also remember how worried she was when I got sick and her loving care until I recovered; Nor can I forget his sayings, sayings and regionalist comments, which stuck in my memory and which I now apply, depending on the occasion, frankly and directly, in her best style. It does not matter all the years that have passed since I left this world, I still remember her with infinite affection, as if she had never left.

Grandparents guide with love

Your work as a grandmother undoubtedly consists of helping guide with love and a discipline a little more relaxed than the parental one, because while parents establish rules and sometimes reprimands, you as a grandmother comfort, consent and wipe away the tears of your grandchildren.

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Despite that consenting power that you enjoy, it is a fact that you must be careful not to reject the correction and education that your children try to instill, as parents. It is one thing to give love and indulge in some whims, and another to undermine the parenting they try to implant when raising children, in the hope that they will be as good or better than they are. Therefore, consider the following:

  • Take care to advise your grandchildren, but do not undermine the work of your children.

  • Pamper your grandchildren, but watch your limits so it doesn’t become bad parenting.

  • Respect the rules that your children have set for your grandchildren.

  • See that you enjoy adequate time with your grandchildren, but without your children abusing your love for them and your time.

Everything in the life of a human being has a time and fulfills a cycle; your job is to enjoy at every moment the role that life gives you, learn and teach with your example and your love. Therefore, enjoy your status as a grandmother and prepare to be happy with your grandchildren.

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