The Doctor Said That The Girl’s Headaches Were Due To Jealousy For Her Brother. But What The Brain Scan Discovers Makes Him Regret His Words

Never underestimate the headache of your children.

Jealousy between siblings is common, and many times children can symptomatic about it. However, many times we must listen to children and not minimize what is happening to them. The headaches Amber felt were not due to jealousy as her doctor said, but were due to a tumor in her brain.

According to Mirror, Amber was a 9-year-old girl who was reborn after a while, after being listened to by her mother and being treated by doctors. The little girl constantly suffered from headaches. The intensity of the discomfort was increasing, so her mother decided to consult with the pediatrician.

“He just wants to attract attention”

Amber repeatedly insisted that there was “something” inside her brain and that she wanted “a new brain.” However, the family doctor told the mother that the pain corresponded to the jealousy she felt for her younger sister and that all her ailments had to do with the objective of attracting the attention of her parents.

Zainab, Amber’s mother, said that her daughter had been suffering pain since 2014, and that there were periods when she suffered and at other times they would go away. “I was in terrible pain every day, all day,” Zeinab said. They came and went from medical centers looking for an explanation, and even heard from the doctor’s mouth “She has a little sister, she’s jealous and wants more attention.”

Suicidal thoughts

One day Amber’s aunt wanted to talk to the girl’s mother. He had something very important to say to her: he had heard the little girl talk to her cousins, and in that conversation she told them that she wanted to commit suicide. Her words were promptly “I would like to throw myself under a car.” Whether figuratively or not, these thoughts are not suitable for a 9-year-old girl, who has surely been going through a tremendous ordeal feeling that no one found a solution to her pain.

How could I not have known that my 9-year-old daughter was so desperate that she was talking about killing herself? And I felt helpless that we couldn’t get the help I needed. No one was listening to us. We are all disappointed, but especially Amber. We feel so alone, ”said Zeinab.

The diagnosis was overwhelming

However, after repeated consultations with the doctors, they were able to find the reason why the girl did not stop complaining of terrible headaches. The doctor who had said it was due to jealousy must now regret his words.

In June 2015, Amber had an MRI at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the UK, and when doctors took the parents and the girl into an adjoining room to explain what they had seen, they were in for an unpleasant surprise. There they were told that what they had seen was a brain tumor.

The little girl started screaming and said “I told you there was something in my head!” Now she had to face operations and treatments, and both Amber and her family were fearful. I will never forget the fear in her eyes. Hugging her, we did our best to comfort her. But we were all stunned with shock. Never in my worst fears did I imagine that my little girl had a brain tumor. In a way, no parent is ready for it.

This is how the treatment started as soon as possible. Doctors applied steroids to the girl’s brain to ease the swelling, and finally they were able to operate on her. The operation lasted 8 hours and the goal was to remove the tumor.

A happy ending

Fortunately, the surgery was so successful that they managed to completely remove the tumor from Amber’s brain. Then the biopsy results revealed that the tumor was a low-grade astrocytoma, and although he remains under strict controls, his life has gradually returned to normal. Amber, now 11, receives one brain scan every year as a routine checkup, and her family shared her story to demonstrate the importance of listening to children when they show symptoms of such drastic illnesses.

What are the symptoms of a brain tumor

A brain tumor is not always synonymous with cancer. According to the National Library of Medicine of the United States, a brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells that begins in the brain and they are classified as benign, malignant or invasive. Symptoms can be:

  • Headaches that get worse when you wake up but then go away

  • Headaches that get worse when coughing or exercising

  • Headaches that occur when sleeping and with at least one other symptom such as vomiting or confusion.

  • Changes in personality and behavior

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Increased sleep

  • Memory loss

  • Problems with reasoning

  • Gradual loss of movement or feeling in an arm or leg.

  • Difficulty in speech.

  • Unexpected vision problem

  • Balance problems.

  • Weakness or numbness

Listen to the child

Headaches are usually an indication that there is a problem. It is important to listen to our children when they complain about pain and learn to understand when it is really a pain and when it is symptomatic for an emotional ailment. Whatever the reason, the child needs support and help.

It is important that, when faced with any complaint of pain from children, we come to their aid by making a visit to the doctor to dismiss any problem. Share this valuable information to educate families about the symptoms of a brain tumor in children.

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