The Conviction Diet

Why don’t you see results? The answer is pure logic: you don’t want to be there. That diet-loving person is not you! What you need are not diets, what you need is conviction.

Losing kilos has become the golden dream of millions of people in the world, but in most cases it is nothing more than that, a dream. And let’s be honest: getting fat feels rete tasty. Giving us permission to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the belt unbuckled is the graphic description of what happiness means.

The bad comes later, when when you want to fasten your belt, the ends do not touch or the buckle flies flat, and right there we start eating lettuce, preferring light drinks and having hot water with lemon juice for breakfast. The problem is that in almost all cases this does not work either.

Why don’t you see results? The answer is pure logic: you don’t want to be there, that person who loves diets is not you! What you need are not diets, what you urgently require is conviction. There are two ways to convince ourselves about something: one is through rationality and the other through beliefs.

The first is to internalize and accept certain arguments; once we have managed to make them “ours”, we will hardly go against what they dictate. As for beliefs, these are usually stronger than reasons because they do not require demonstration, their ally is faith, and feeling comfortable with a perception is all we need.

How to achieve a diet out of conviction?

1. Get informed

For an idea to be implanted in our mind it is necessary to sow it, and the surest way to achieve this is through reinforcement; Therefore, the first thing is to marry yourself with the idea that you need to change, and why it is important that you do so.

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2. Don’t get tired of trying

Many people throw in the towel early because they cannot convince themselves at the speed they would like, so it is important that you be aware that it is most likely that you will require several attempts before achieving your goals.

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3. Set goals

Maybe it’s pants, a dress or a bikini, but it’s important that you have something to pursue, keep it handy so that it reminds you of what you want and, if possible, look for an accomplice to be your conscience when you falter.

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4. Keep a record

It’s a bit of a hassle to do so, I admit, but I do consider it effective: when you see how huge and unhealthy your daily food intake is, you will begin to make changes to reduce it and, of course, this will contribute to your purposes.

5. Know the ingredients

Knowing what you are eating is usually quite effective, especially with processed food. Many of these foods are nothing more than flavorings or animal or product waste, and once we see it with that rawness they stop being so attractive.

Finally, two recommendations: the first, don’t stop eating what you like; but please, not all in one sitting. The best thing is that you dose it during the day, so, instead of eating 1500 calories at each meal, you will eat 2000 in a whole day. And the second, control what you eat at night, what you eat for dinner you don’t burn and it accumulates.

Magic recipes do not exist. Consistency and motivation are the true solution to achieve the goals that we set ourselves, but all this requires an adhesive that makes us not detach from our objectives, and this is only achieved by feeding our convictions. There is no other formula.

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