The Color Of Your Eyes Reveals Your Deepest Secrets

“The beautiful thing about speaking with your eyes is that there are never any grammatical mistakes. Looks are perfect phrases.”

I am a night person. I love looking at the night sky adorned with twinkling stars in the distance. When I do, I feel an infinite peace, the same peace that fills me when I look at eye photographs. For me, the eyes and the universe are the same thing : deep landscapes that transmit unknown things.

Maybe that’s why the eyes are the first thing I notice when I meet someone. I love what they transmit. I’m not only attracted to color, but the information I can get from them.

The magic of the eyes

Eyes are interesting because they are like fingerprints: unrepeatable. But it is not just a matter of colors and shapes, there are as many of those as there are people in the world.

If you look closely at one eye you will notice certain peculiarities that make it physically beautiful. Perhaps it is because there are no entirely blue or brown eyes . Some have small green or yellow spots that make them more striking. There are even people withheterochromia ,it’s just about having both  eyes of different colors.

The mystery of the eyes is that if you are very attentive, you will discover the true intentions of whoever you have in front of you. This is where a person’s ugliness comes from, in their good or bad intentions.

However, something that is also interesting about the color of your eyes is that it can make people see you as someone more trustworthy, a leader, someone kind or enigmatic.

With this in mind, below I will share with you some curious facts regarding this, which I hope will be of interest to you.

Blue eyes

The conception that people have of someone with blue eyes is that they are shy, weak and even unreliable; However, this is not so.

Those with blue eyes are very intelligent, sincere, emotionally strong and sensitive. They can also become very spiteful and easily fall into a bad mood, but they also have a high tolerance and are naturally happy.

People with blue eyes have unwavering willpower and tolerate pain well, as they are also physically strong. An interesting point is that blue-eyed women are more tolerant oflabor pain.

However, children with this type of eye color are less open to new experiences and meeting new people. People with blue eyes are also considered to be somewhat more selfish and competitive. These two conclusions are the result of somestudies made in Germany in 2006.

Dark brown or black eyes

Let’s start with the most interesting. Black eyes are perhaps the most difficult to find; dark browns are more common, but blacks are not.

Well, a person with dark brown or black eyes are natural leaders. They are also considered by their acquaintances and friends as pleasant but mysterious.

It is known that a dark eye color says that your body has more melanin, this makes the color of your eyes and hair darker; however, melanin makes yourbrain processesbe faster. In addition to the above, you are less prone to alcohol addiction and it is very possible that you are a good athlete

Brown eyes

You may know a lot of people with this eye color, well, that’s great.

A person with brown or brown eyes is someone nice, assertive, and can be trusted. Loyal and respectful by nature, they can also wake up in a very bad mood sincethey sleep little Too bad, this makes them wake up late and feel more agitated than the rest.

They are not submissive either, so don’t be fooled by their nobility. They are also outgoing and spill good energy wherever they go lively. They are consistent, self-reliant, practical, and have a great sense of commitment.

Hazel eyes

This type of eye color is very interesting. Who has hazel eyes can say that it has one of the strangest colors that can be found.

Hazelnut is a disparate combination of green and brown. They are almost always very light brown eyes studded with green spots that make them very beautiful. It could be said that a person with hazel eyes is someone who possesses the qualities of people with both types of color.

People with hazel eyes are very, spontaneous, balanced and sure of themselves. They are also very creative, courageous and responsible, but also selfish.

Grey eyes

Gray eyes are hard to find; However, someone who owns these colors is very calm, modest, brave, stubborn and a good friend, because he always cares about others.

A person with gray eyes can be a conformist; Despite this, she is always looking for new opportunities and is very calculating when it comes to her interests. Plus, she always wants to be taken seriously.

Green eyes

Finding people with green eyes is also very difficult.

A person with green eyes is considered very attractive and enigmatic. They are also very nice, strong, and self-reliant. They can also be very unpredictable, creative, original and very intelligent. They enjoy their freedom, an aspect for which they passionately fight and in love they are very stable.

Curiosities of the eyes

Some studies reveal very interesting things about a person’s eye color. For example:

-People with light eyes are more prone to vitiligo and even skin cancer because the vast majority of people with light eyes have a lower level of melanin and it makes them more susceptible to sun damage.

-People with light eyes see better in the dark

-People with dark-hued eyes are more resistant to heat and sunlight

-People with blue eyes are more likely to be alcoholics.

-There are people who can see more colors than others, they receive the namee of tetrachromats. 

– There is a visual anomaly where the sufferer can only see in black and white, it is called achromatopsia.

I know that it could happen pointing out thousands of wonders that people’s eyes reveal, but I can only invite you to investigate a little more about it. I assure you that what you will discover will be very interesting.

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